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Talented, versatile Donoghue (The Sealed Letter, 2008, etc.) relates a searing tale of survival and recovery, in the voice of a five-year-old boy.Jack has never known a life beyond Room. His Ma gave birth to him on Rug; the stains are still there. At night, he has to stay in Wardrobe when Old Nick comes to visit. Still, he and Ma have a comfortable routine, with daily activities like Phys Ed and ... Read full review

Review: Room

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Imagine a room. It's 11 feet by 11 feet about the size of your average bedroom, perhaps. Inside is a bed, a dresser, a table, a shelf on the wall, a trash can, a television, a small refrigerator and a stove, and a small bathroom with a tub. Everything you own is in the room. There are no windows, only a skylight. Now imagine that skylight is covered with a carbon mesh that makes the glass ... Read full review

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The main challenge of understanding this book is reading the style of a five year old boy. The story kept me enticed with excited, frustrated, and cringe worthy moments all in a couple of pages. This certainly is a must read if you are prepared to handle the grammar "mistakes."

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I really enjoyed the story being told from the 5-year old perspective. It made the book interesting and it made me see things differently. I will strongly recommended.

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BREATHTAKING AND AMAZING, Once you start reading, you wont be able to stop.

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Not sure how I feel
Interesting book. It's a challenge to get into right out of the gate because of the way it is written from the child's point of view. There are some definite humorous moments, and
then some terribly sad moments. All in all, if you are looking for something to read, give it a shot. A solid 3/5 

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Heart wrenching
What an incredibly touching story about a mothers love in the face of tragedy. Must read!

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This book should be free

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What A Suttle Way Of Explaining Something So Harsh But The Point Still Gets Across! A Definite Eye Opener For Me!!

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Outer Space
Imagine the scope of your world condensed to a single small room - say the size of an ordinary tool shed. Pretend for a moment that your reality has never extended beyond that room
. Even more, stretch your imagination & ponder the possibility of being born into such a space & never, ever leaving it. Got it? Well then, that's the premise for Room. Oh, and of course this harrowing tale is told from the perspective of the little one who has been born into this stunted, bonsai twisted reality. Jack has just turned 5 years old & is precocious as any 5 year old you've ever met. He's bright, observant, witty, curious, unusually sensitive & relatively happy. Only thing is that he doesn't know about the other world that exists beyond the walls of "room." Now, prior to reading Donoghue's novel, I refrained from reading any of the plot summaries as I suspected that any details would detract from the reading experience. In fact, one review I just glanced at, gave away a pivotal arc point to the story. So, I am consciously omitting any reference to any of the story lines, even the most simple, for why rob you of the joy of discovery. All I will say is that everyday reality, in the right light, can seem like outer space, even if only a jungle gym on a lawn. 

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