Travels Into Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark ...

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T. Cadell, 1792 - Denmark
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Page 49 - There they found his peliffe, which he had " loft in the precipitation with which he was " hurried away : it was bloody, and pierced " with holes made by the balls or fabres. " This convinced them that he was no more. •-'' The king was ftill in the hands of the
Page 43 - grand chancellor of Lithuania, and was on " his return from thence to the palace between *' nine and ten o'clock. He was in a coach, " accompanied by at leaft fifteen or fixteen <c attendants, befide an aid-de-camp in the " carriage : fcarce was he at the diftance of " two hundred paces from prince Czartorifki's " palace, when he was attacked by the con" fpirators, who commanded the coachman " to ftop on pain of inftant death.
Page 293 - If you afk for an interpreter, they bring you a Jew ; if you come to an inn, the landlord is a Jew; if you want poft-horfes, a Jew procures them, and a Jew drives them ; if you wim to purchafe, a Jew is your agent : and this perhaps is the only country in Europe where Jews cultivate the ground ; in paffing through Lithuania, we frequently faw them engaged in fowing, reaping, mowing, and other works of hufbandry.
Page 381 - His drefs confided of a long loofe robe tied with a fafh, large breeches, and boots : his hair was cut, in the manner of the Tartars, in a circular form ; his arms were a poignard, and a bow of buffalo's horn ftrung with the finews of the fame animal. He was extremely attached to his...
Page 197 - ... in a palace. We each of us carried a light, and feveral guides preceded us with lamps in their hands : the reflection of thefe lights upon the glittering fides of the mine was extremely beautiful, but did not caft that luminous fplendour, which .fome writers have compared to the luftre of precious /tones.
Page 69 - Jofeph, who had before fecretly encouraged the confederates, and even commenced a negotiation with the Porte againft Ruffia, now fuddenly altered his meafures, and increafed his army towards the Polifh frontiers. The plague prefenting to him, as well as to the king of Pruffia, a fpecious motive for ftationing troops in the dominions of the republic ; he gradually extended his lines, and, in 1 772, occupied the whole territory, which he has fince difmembered.
Page 44 - Polifhjwith horrible execrations, We have thee now ; thy hour is come.
Page 53 - It was with the greateft difficulty that the king could perfuade any one to carry this note to Warfaw, as the people of the mill, imagining that he was a nobleman who had juft been plundered by robbers, were afraid of falling in with the troop.
Page 167 - Chriilians, created a fufpicion that he was fecretly inclined to the new church ; and it was even reported that he intended to renounce the catholic faith, and publicly profefs the reformed religion *. Towards the fouthern part of the town near the Viftula rifes a fmall eminence or rock, upon whofe top is built the palace, furrounded with brick walls and old towers, which form a kind of citadel to the town. This palace owes its origin to Ladiflaus Jaghellon -, but little of the antient ftruilure...
Page 361 - We foon ceafed to be furprized that our 'carriage was provided with four hbrfesV nothing being more common than to meet the equipages of the nobility with complete fets, driving merely about the ftreets of Mofcow. As the city is of fo large a compafs, a great number of hackney-carriages are ftationed in the ftreets for the convenience of carrying pafTengers to the different quarters.

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