Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 58

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American Medical Association., 1912 - Medicine

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Page 131 - Fund was founded in 1902, under the direction of the Royal College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and is governed by representatives of many medical and scientific institutions.
Page 113 - ... 3. The admixture of saccharin with food in small or large quantities has not been found to alter the quality or strength of the food. It is obvious, however, that the addition of saccharin to food as a substitute for...
Page 171 - The injurious effects of such air observed appeared to be due entirely to the diminution of oxygen, or the increase of carbonic acid, or to a combination of these two factors. They also make it very improbable that the minute quantity of organic matter contained in the air expired from human lungs has any deleterious influence upon men who inhale it in ordinary rooms...
Page 113 - Sodium benzoate in large doses (up to 4 grams per day) mixed with the food has not been found to exert any deleterious effect on the general health, nor to act as a poison in the general acceptation of the term.
Page 175 - Whether this increased susceptibility is an essential element or only one stage in the process of resistance to disease must now engage our attention." We cannot escape the conviction that this phenomenon of hypersusceptibility has an important bearing on the prevention and cure of certain infectious processes. Our work...
Page 319 - Even the smallest quantities of alcohol tend to lessen the activity of the brain, the drug appearing to act most strongly, and therefore in the smallest quantities, on the most recently acquired faculties, to annihilate those qualities that have been built up through education and experience, the power of self-control and the sense of responsibility.
Page 312 - Books received are acknowledged in this department, and such acknowledgment must be regarded as a sufficient return for the courtesy of the sender. Selections will be made for review in the interest of our readers and as space permits.
Page 5 - Even if based on somewhat faulty premises, such a conclusion is appalling, and is a railing indictment of the average practitioner and of our methods of instruction in obstetrics, more particularly as one of the main arguments urged against the midwife is the prevalence of infection in her practice. Question XXII. Do as many women die as the result of ignorance, or of ill-judged and improperly performed operations, in the hands of general practitioners as from puerperal infection in the hands of...
Page 63 - As the children were only seen once weekly the drug was cautiously given, the initial daily dose being % or % grain. The cases which appear to react to this form of treatment better than all others are those in which the enuresis has persisted since birth, and in which the patients are also backward.
Page 339 - Test. In this test the serum of the blood is mixed with salt solution and then with a suspension of killed typhoid bacilli, so as to bring the dilution up to 1 to 50. The positive reaction is determined by noting that the clumps of bacteria sink to the bottom of the test tube and leave a limpid, clear fluid above a small. 256 APRIL, 1913 257 white, floculent mass of agglutinated bacilli. HK Mulford Co., Philadelphia (Jour. Л. М. A,. Feb. 3, 1912, p. 343). Gynoval is isoborneol isovalerate, CH,....

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