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H. Holt and Company, 1897 - 337 pages
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Page 341 - Floods of light on the ration d'ttre, origin, and methods of the dark figure that directs the destinies of our cities. ... So strongly imagined and logically drawn that it satisfies the demand for the appearance of truth in art.
Page 343 - HER LADYSHIP'S ELEPHANT By DAVID DWIGHT WELLS, xamo. $1.25. A very humorous story, dealing with English society, growing out of certain experiences of the author while a member of our Embassy in London. The elephant's experiences, also, are based on facts. The Nation: " He is probably funny because he cannot help it.
Page 341 - His relations with women were of unconventional sincerity and depth. . . Worth reading on several accounts." The Dial : " One of the strongest and most vital characters that have appeared in our fiction. . . A very charming love story. To discern the soul of good in so evil a thing as Municipal politics calls for sympathies that are not often united with a sane ethical outlook ; but Peter Stirling is possessed of the one without losing his sense of the other, and it is this combination of qualities...
Page 343 - Mr. Wells allows his sense of humor to play about the personalities of half a dozen men and women whose lives, for a few brief, extraordinary days, are inextricably intertwined with the life of the aforesaid monarch of the jungle. . . . Smacks of fun which can be created by clever actors placed in excruciatingly droll situations.
Page 341 - A fine, tender love story. . . A very unusual, but, let us believe, a possible character. . . Peter Stirling is a man's hero. . . Very readable and enjoyable." The Independent : " Full of life. The interest never flags. . . It is long since we have read a better novel or one more thoroughly and naturally American.
Page 342 - Zenda ' which does not let down one bit the high standard of chivalrous love which was the charm of that romance. . . Mr. Hope's heroes are never dull. . . These * Zenda ' stories have added a distinctly modern value to what men and women mean by the 'sense of honor.
Page 341 - Telling scenes and incidents and descriptions of political organization, all of which are literal transcripts of life and fdct— not dry irrelevancies thrown in by way of imparting information, but lively detail, needful for a clear understanding of Stirling's progress from the humble chairmanship of a primary to the dictator's throne. . . . In the use of dramatic possibilities Mr. Ford is discreet and natural, and without giving Stirling- a heroic pose, manages to win for him very hearty sympathy...
Page 340 - GODFREY'S POOR HUMAN NATURE A musical novel, id Itnpnssion. 12010. $1.50. The story of some Wagnerian singers at the Court Opera of Blankenstadt. It has been said that this name thinly veils Dresden, and that the book gives an intimate picture of musical life at the Saxon capital. Bookman : " It Is curiously convincing. The characters, too, are peculiarly real. . . Each and every one stands out with vivid distinction, and is not soon to be forgotten. . . The portrayal of local life, particularly...
Page 341 - Commands our very sincere respect . . there is no glaring improbability about his story . . . the highly dramatic crisis of the story. . . The tone and manner of the book are noble. . . A timely, manly, thoroughbred, and eminently suggestive book.
Page 340 - One of the cleverest musical novels we know, and it is particularly creditable in that it holds nothing of the hysterical gush with which the feminine writer usually fills fiction of this kind. . . The study of the group of singers at the Royal Opera in a minor German city is astonishingly well done, and so is the portrait of the great tenor's peasant wife ... so unmistakably true that she must have been drawn from life . . . an uncommonly attractive and interesting novel.

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