The Jangali Movement and the Soviet Socialist Republic of Gilan

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Blurb, Incorporated, Feb 9, 2018
The Soviet Socialist Republic of Gilan was a short-lived state in the northern province of Gilan in Persia that raised the banner of Socialism in the country under the influence of the Russian Revolution in 1919. In reality, the Soviet Republic of Gilan was a continuation of a movement that was much more deep-rooted than its successor - the Jangali Movement which was directed by Mirza Koochak Khan Jangali. In this volume I have attempted to describe events lending their weight to the rise of the Jangali Movement and I have provided further information on the personage of Mirza Koochak Khan and his companions. The ending sections of the book are focused on drawing the audience's attention to the formation of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Gilan. This is a concise history of the Movement and should be treated as such. Historical details are often noted in a short and succinct way that follows a chronological order and the book is intended to provide a snapshot of the time period in which the Jangali Movement of Gilan raised into prominence.

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