Miss Vanderleur, Or, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: A Novel

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F.V. White & Company, 1884 - 249 pages

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Page 6 - would particularly instance the end of Julia as a very striking example of this. The delicacy and beauty of her redemption from her weak, rash lover are very far indeed beyond the range of any ordinary dramatist, and display the true poetical strength.
Page 7 - of Clarence I would soften down. Margaret must act much better than any actress I have ever seen if all her lines fall in pleasant places, therefore I think she needs compression too. ' All this applies solely to the theatre. If you
Page 7 - I would leave them as they stand by all means ; if not, I would blot accordingly. ' It is only in the hope of being slightly useful to you, by anticipating what I believe Mr Phelps will discover, or what, if
Page 6 - eyes of a great concourse of spectators, in plunging at the life of his own brother—is lost. That the two should be parted, and that Franklyn should again drive at him, and strike him, and then
Page 1 - to life, so deeply interesting in its detail, and so touching in its simple pathos as 'Abel Drake's
Page 6 - I do not regard it as a great stumbling-block, that the play of modern times best known to an audience * proceeds upon the main idea of this, namely, that there was a hunchback who, because of his
Page 7 - your preference for the poem as it stands, cannot in the least affect my interest in your success. On the other hand, I have a perfect confidence in your not taking my misgivings ill; they arise
Page 1 - To all who take pleasure in the study of human nature, to all who are capable of recognising true nobility, even in the person of a
Page 1 - in the disguise of a humble adventurer, this work will be heartily welcome. We have seldom met with a book so thoroughly
Page 2 - We have nothing but words of praise to offer for its style and composition.

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