Miniature Edition of Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, with a Variety of Useful Tables and Lists

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Stirling, Kenney, 1837
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Page 337 - Gor'dius, a husbandman, but afterwards king of Phrygia, remarkable for tying a knot of cords on which the empire of Asia depended, in so very intricate a manner, that Alexander the Great, unable to unravel it, cut it to pieces.
Page 5 - Parts of a number, which will never make up the number exactly ; as 3 is an aliquant of 10, thrice 3 being 9, four times 3 making 12.
Page 154 - A sentence so included in another sentence, as that it may be taken out, without injuring the sense of that which encloses it...
Page 8 - He afterwards mentions, as another signification of the same word, " a solution of any thing whether corporeal or mental, to its first elements ; as of a sentence to the single words ; of a compound word to the particles and words which form it ; of a tune to single notes ; of an argument to single propositions.
Page 340 - Ni'obe, daughter of Tantalus and wife of Amphion, who, preferring herself to Latona, had her 14 children killed by Diana and Apollo...
Page 133 - Noon, mid-day ; the line drawn from north to south which the sun crosses at noon ; the particular place or state of any thing j the highest point of glory or power.
Page 30 - A point [:] used to mark a pause greater than that of a comma, and less than that of a period ; the greatest and widest of all the intestines.
Page 93 - A piece of silk or linen used to wipe the face, or cover the neck.
Page 336 - A most ingenious artificer of Athens, who formed the Cretan labyrinth, and invented the auger, axe, glue, plumb-line, saw, and masts and sails for ships. Da'mon. The friend of Pythias.
Page 332 - Kobastis or Diana of a Cat, &c. It was likewise a common practice to dignify these objects, by giving them the names of those deities which they represented. From these two sources...

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