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Printed for J. ALMON, opposite Burlington-House, in Piccadilly.

I 776.

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Proceedings of the Provincial Congress Henry Harris, Joseph Gibbons, James of Georgia.


Parish of St. Matthew : John Stirk, GEORGIA.

John Adam Treutlen, George WalT a Provincial Congress, held, ton, Edward Jones, Jacob Waldhauer,

agreeable to appointment, at Philip Howell, Isaac Young, Jenkin Tondee's long room at Savannah, on Davis, John Morel, John Flerl, Charles the fourth day of July, 1775, and con- M’Kay, Christopher Cramer. tinued from day to day, the following Parish of St. Philip: Col. Butler, persons were returned duly elected, William Le Conte, William Max

well, James Maxwell, Stephen DrayTown and district of Savannah: ton, Adam Fowler Brisbane, Luke Archibald Bulloch, Noble Wimberly Mann, Hugh Bryan. Jones, Joseph Haberlham, Jonathan Parish of St. George: Henry Jones, Bryan, Ambrose Wright, William John Green, Thomas Burton, WilYoung, John Glen, Samuel Elbert, liam Lord, David Lewis, Benjamin John Houstoun, Oliver Bowen, John Lewis, James Pugh, John Fulton. M'Cluer, Edward Telfair, Thomas Parish of St. Andrew: Jonathan Lee, George Houstoun, Joseph Rey- Cochran, William Jones, Peter Tarnolds, John Smith, William Ewen, lin, Lachlan M’Intosh, William M’InJohn Martin, Dr. Zubly, William toth, George Threadcraft, John WeBryan, Philip Box, Philip Allman, reat, Roderick M’Intosh, John WiWilliam O'Bryan, Joseph Clay, Seth therspoon, George M’Intosh, Allan John Cuthbert.

Stuart, John M’Intosh, Raymond District of Vennon burgh : Joseph Demere. Butler*, Andrew Elton Wells, Mat. Parish of St. David: Seth John thew Roche jun.

Cuthbert, William Williams, sen. District of Acton : David Zubly, Parish of St. Mary : Daniel Ryan. Basil Cowper, William Gibbons. · Parish of St. Thomas: John Roberts.

Sea Islands district: Col. Deveaux, Parish of St. Paul : John Walton, Col. De Le Gall, James Bulloch, John Joseph Maddock*, Andrew Burns, Morel, John Bohun Gerreadieu, John Robert Rae, James Rae, Andrew Barnard, Robert Gibson.

Moore, Andrew Barney, Leonard District of Little Ogachee: Francis Marbury.




Parish of St. Johri : James Screven, out this province, that a haptiy recón Nathan Brownson, Daniel Roberts, ciliation may soon take place between John Baker, sen. John Bacon, sen. America and the Parent State, and James Maxwell, Edward Ball, Wil- that, under the auspicious reign of his liam Baker, fen. William Bacon, jun. Majesty and his descendants, both John Stevens, John Winn, Cen. countries may remain united, virtuous,

Thole marked : delined: taking free, and happy, till time shall be no their seæts:

ARCHIBALD. BULLOCH,Efq; be- By order of the Congress, ing' ptopoted as Prefident; -was-unani- ARCHIBALD BULLOCH, President. mously elected ; and George WALTON, Esq; being proposed as Secre- The President being informed by tary, was also unanimously elected. the messenger, that John Jamieson

The Congress then adjourned to and John Simpson, Efqrs. were in the meeting-house of the Rev. Dr. waiting, and desired to be admitted, Zubly, where he preached a sermon which being agreed to, they were deupon the alarming state of American fired to walk in. They then produaffairs.

ced and delivered in to the President The Congress being returned, a a paper, containing several resolutions motion was made and seconded, that entered into by a number of persons, the thanks of this Congress be given inhabitants of the town of Savannah, to the Rev. Dr. Zubly, for the ex- which was ordered to be read, and is cellent sermon he preached this day as follows, viz. to the Members, which being una- AT a meeting of several of the innimously agreed to, it was ordered, habitants of the town of Savannah, at that Balil Cowper, Joseph Clay, John Mrs. Cuyler's, on Friday the thirteenth Houstoun, John Glen, and George of June, 1775, JOHN MULLRYNÉ, Houstoun, Esqrs. be a committee for Efq; in the chair; Joseph Clay, James that purpose.

Mossman, Rev. Mr. J. J. Zubly, John Wednesday, 5th July, 1775. A Simpson, Noble Wimberly Jones, John motion was made and feconded, that Jamieson, William Mofs, John Glen, this Congress apply to his Excellency. Josiah Tattnell, John Graham, Lewis the Governor by message, requesting Johnston, William Yonge, Richard him to appoint a day of fasting and Wylly, Andrew M'Lean, Bafil Cow. prayer throughout this province, on per, Philip Moore, George Houstoun, account of the disputes fubfiiting be- Joseph Butler, James Read, Thomas tween America and the Parent State; Ried, William Panton, James Edward which being unanimously passed in the Powell, William Struthers, Alexander affirmative, it was ordered, that Dr. M'Gowen, John C. Lucena, Thomas Zubly, William Young, Joseph Clay, Sherman, J. N. Faming, Levi SheftStephen Drayton, and William Max- áll, Charles Hamilton, George Spenwell, be a committee for that purpose. cer, William Brown, jun, Francis Cour

voizie, James Anderson. COPY of the MESSAGE. Whereas public confusions and grie

May it please your Excellency, vances are much increased by private

THE Provincial Congress, deeply dissensions and animofities, concerned at the present alarming state Resolved, therefore, n. c. That we of affairs, and the distresses of Ame- will use our utmost endeavours to prerica, humbly request that your Ex- serve the peace and good order of this cellency would appoint a day of fast- province, and that no person, be ing and prayer to be observed through- ing himself peaceably, and inoffensive


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fections upon


(7) ly, shall be molested in his person or this Meeting be laid before the Proproperty, or even in his private senti- vincial Congress on Tuesday the fourth ments, while he expresses them with day of July next, and that Mr. Jamiedecency, and without any illiberal re- fon and Mr. Simpson do wait upon others.

them with the same, as recommended Whereas the acts for raising a per- to them by this Meeting. petual revenue in America, and all By order of the Meeting, the measures used to enforce these acts,

JOHN MULLRYNE. are not partial, but general grievances, A motion was made and secondet, and it is more likely that redress be ob- that the paper above mentioned do tained by the joint endeavours of all lie upon the table for the perufal of who may think these acts unconstitu- the Members, which being carried the tional, or oppressive, than by any mea- fame was ordered to lie upon the table sure that might be taken fingły by in- accordingly. dividuals, Therefore Resolved, That A motion was made and seconded, it is the orinion of this Meeting, (as a that this Congress do put this province proper measure to be pursued, because upon the faine footing with our Sifter the General Assembly is not now fit- Colonies, which being put, it was orting, from whom an application to the dered, that it be taken into confideThrone must be very proper, and as ration to-morrow morning. no time should be loft) that a humble, Thursday, 6th July, 1775. The dutiful, and decent petition, be ad- order of the day being read, the same dressed to his Majesty, expressive of was taken into consideration, and afthe sense, apprehenfions, and feclings, ter fome deliberation it was unaniof all fuch as may chule to subscribe mously such a petition, which it is hoped will 1. Resolved, That this province be done by every man in the province; will adopt and carry into execution and it is therefore the with of this all, and singular the measures and reMeeting, that such a measure may be commendations of the late Continenadopted by the Provincial Congress, tal Congress. intended to be held on Tuesday next, 2. Resolved, In particular, That the fourth of July.

we, in behalf of ourselves and our con.. Resolved, That the interest of this ftituents; do adopt and approve of the province is inseparable from the mother American Deciaration or Billof Rights, country, and all the filter colonies, and published by the late Continental Cone that to separate themselves from the gress, and also of their several Resolves latter would only be throwing diffi- made in consequence of some infracculties in the way of its own relief, and ţions thereof. that of the other colonies, and juftly 3. That from and after this day we incurring the resentment of all those will not receive into this province any to whose distress our disunion might goods, wares, or merchandize, fhipcause an addition.

ped from Great-Britain or Ireland, or Resolved, That this province ought, from any other place, any such goods, and it is hoped will forthwith join the wares, or merchandizes, as shall have other provinces, in every just and legal been exported from Great Britain or measure, to secure and restore the li- Ireland ; nor will we import any Eastberties of all America, and for heal- India tea from any part of the world; ing the unhappy divisions now fub- nor any melaffes, fyrups, paneles, coffisting between Great-Britain and her fee, or pimento, from the British planColonies.

tations, or from Dominica; nor wines. Resolved, That the proceedings of


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