The teacher's manual of mental arithmetic

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Page 103 - LINES FROM THE POETS. WITH NOTES. FOR USE IN ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS. Adapted to" the requirements of the New Code and some of them also to the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations. This Series of Poetry Books is intended not only for use in School, but also for Home use and for Private Study. The Notes are simple, and at the same time sufficiently exhaustive to secure an intelligent knowledge of the subject. It...
Page 102 - THE PUPIL-TEACHER'S COURSE OF MATHEMATICS. By a late Fellow and Senior Mathematical Lecturer ; Examiner for the Oxford and Cambridge Board, the Cambridge Syndicate, &c. PART I. -EUCLID, Books I. and II. With Notes, Examples, and Explanations. Price is.
Page 104 - THE TYPES AND ANTITYPES OF HOLY SCRIPTURE. Collected and Arranged, with References, by Lady MARY HERBERT. Edited by the Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of HEREFORD.
Page 101 - Sef. 5. ON CLASS TEACHING. Price 6d. The Second Series, -which relates to the ART of Teaching, consists of— 1. HOW TO TEACH GRAMMAR. Price &/.
Page 101 - THE TEACHER'S MANUAL OF THE SCIENCE AND ART OF TEACHING, Being the First and Second Series of the above Manuals, in one volume. Price 5^.
Page 101 - The Advanced Series, which relates to the ART of Teaching the more Advanced Subjects, consists of— 1. HOW TO TEACH ENGLISH LITERATURE. Price Sd.
Page 69 - AN IMPROPER FRACTION is one, whose numerator is either equal to, or greater than its denominator ; consequently its value is either equal to, or greater than unity ; as, f , |, J, V, &c.
Page 102 - Price 2r. 2. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY READING BOOK (for the Upper Standards) ; being a Series of Easy Readings on the more Elementary and Popular Subjects of Political Economy. By RH INGLIS PALGRAVE, Esq. NATIONAL SOCIETY'S DEPOSITORY, SANCTUARY, WESTMINSTER, SW NEW NATIONAL READING BOOKS. (ILLUSTRATED.) Adapted to the most recent requirements of the Code, and suitable also for use in Middle-class and Higher Schools. INFANT PRIMER 32 pp., cloth limp, price z\d.
Page 102 - LOCKE'S THOUGHTS ON EDUCATION. WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES By EVAN DANIEL, MA Senior Moderator in English Literature, History, and Political Science, Trinity College, Dublin ; Principal of the National Society's Training College, Battersea. This edition gives the complete work, and is illustrated by passages from eminent educationists.
Page 104 - ... Lectures on the Apostles' Creed which were given to the Pupil-Teachers in the London Diocese in February and March 1880. THE NATIONAL SOCIETY'S NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS REGISTER. Neatly printed, and Ruled with Faint Horizontal and Red Vertical Lines. This Register is arranged for Twenty Names, and contains spaces for the Number, Name, Attendances, and Marks of each Scholar. It contains Hints to Teachers, and also pages for Notes, and a Register of the Names and Addresses of the Scholars, their...

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