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* "If you enjoy American and world history and culture, especially of the arts such as music and paintings
and their interplay with cultural developments, you will love this book. Protagonist Alejandra Stanford is a Minnesota based product of both the American and Mexican monied class. She grows up comfortable a part of both cultures with the wherewithal to enjoy life to its fullest, yet she takes the time and resources to help those less fortunate. She and both her families have a highly developed appreciation for all the arts—that is their primary entertainment and recreation in the early 1900s. Ale must balance her desire for romantic love, proficiency at classical and pop music, and a line-crossing champion of women involved in music composition and conducting.
This is a first volume in a family saga trilogy. Ms Calatayud’ writing style is a “You Are There” approach that is intensely personalized. The author’s unique approach to telling this story is demonstrated by her composing and recording music that exemplifies the moods of different story segments as they unfold. A note about her music (Did I just say that?) Ms Calatayud-Stocks’ music is a joy to experience. I found myself playing her accompanying CD while I read her entertaining book. In all, this was a highly unusual and well-done project that marries the written word with the musical words. We rated it five hearts (5 Stars).

Review: A Song in My Heart

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