The World Displayed; Or, A Curious Collection of Voyages and Travels, Selected from the Writers of All Nations: In which the Conjectures and Interpolations of Several Vain Editors and Translators are Expunged, Every Relation is Made Concise and Plain, and the Divisions of Countries and Kingdoms are Clearly and Distinctly Noted. Illustrated and Embellished with Variety of Maps and Prints by the Best Hands..

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J. Newbery, 1761 - Voyages and travels
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Page 196 - A second way of going down is safer ; which is, descending by a great number of ladders, placed obliquely, in a kind of zig-zag ; but as the ladders are wet and narrow, a person must be very cautious how he steps, to pre.
Page 191 - The vaft number of pillars \\ith which it is ornamented by nature, .give it a fuperb appearance, and are extremely beautiful, for they are as white as fnow, and have a kind of tranfparent lufire, not unlike that of white fugar-candy.
Page 73 - Addison relates, that he saw at a convent of the Theatines, at Ravenna, in Italy, " a little window in the church, through which the HOLY GHOST is said to have entered in the form of a DOVE, and to have settled on one of the candidates for the bishopric: the dove is represented on the window, and is in great repute all over Italy.
Page 78 - ... personal feuds and animosities that happen among so small a people, might obstruct the course of justice, if one of their own number had the distribution of it, they have always a foreigner for this employ, whom they choose for three years, and maintain out of the public stock.
Page 196 - The greatest perpendicular height, computing from the entrance of the shaft, is 840 feet; but as they advance horizontally under a high mountain, the depth would be much. greater, if it were measured from the surface of the hill.
Page 77 - The sovereign power of the republic was lodged originally in what they call the Arengo, a great council, in which every house had its representative. But because they found too much confusion in such a multitude of statesmen, they devolved their whole authority into the hands of the council of sixty.
Page 207 - Within the baths are feats for the conveniency of fitting in the water, which can be raifed or lowered at pleafure. The company walk up and down in the bath, converfing together, and the ladies are fometimes treated with fweet-meats. There are particular doors and flairs leading into the feparate ftoverooms out of the bath, where the different fexes drefe and undrefs apart.
Page 75 - ... finifhed his work, retired to this folitary mountain, as finding it very proper for the life of a hermit which he led in the greateft rigors and aufterities of religion.
Page 102 - Sometimes a great fragment ftands like a rock above the reft; fometimes the whole heap lies in a kind of channel...
Page 101 - A torch, dipped into the exhalation, is inftantly extinguifhed, and a piftol cannot take fire in it. I obferved that it required the fame time for a dog, which was not quite dead, to recover, as it did for one to expire. The firft time a viper was put in, it bore the vapour nine minutes, and ten the fecond ; but on its being brought out after the firft trial, it diftended its lungs with frefh air till it was nearly twice as big as before, and ibis fupply probably enabled it to live a minute longer...