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Unforgivable Sins
Bury My Heart, published in 1970, during the height of the Viet Nam war & civil rights movement, galvanized a nation, making it acutely aware of the gross injustices perpetrated
against the Indian in the 19th century. The timing was such that it underscored our nation's history of abusing it's non-white people, not to mention, the true legitimate citizens of this continent. I had know of this book for many years & had always assumed that it was written by either a Sioux, Cheyenne, Apache, Navajo or a representative of any of the many tribes that once wandered the landscape of our country. I was greatly surprised & impressed when I learned that Dee Brown was no more Indian than myself. Brown transcended any biases that may have hampered his investigation, writing an eloquent, yet sparsely stated recounting of how the US government and its agents consistently lied, swindled, stole & murdered an indigenous people.
The history of our nation will forever be stained by our actions committed against all of the Indian peoples. The blood shed, promises broken & dreams shattered will haunt us for eons - unforgivable sins, committed by a nation obsessed by manifest destiny, blind to the consquences of our transgressions.

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