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Pustak Mahal, Aug 18, 2003 - Vedas - 133 pages
All of us have heard about the Vedas, but how many of us know what is there in them?In fact, scriptures and classics of any nation are its true heritage, laying a firm foundation for its people to follow.The Vedas are India s and the world s oldest scriptures, believed to have been directly revealed by God.This book gives a clear and concise account on select aspects of the Vedas, which help dispel ignorance, superstition and false beliefs. the Vedas are replete with guidelines to solve varied problems social, economic, political, scientific, mental or any other.The message of the Vedas holds relevance for anybody and everybody - whether a scientist, politician, or educationist,a parent or a pofessional. Understanding and following the essence of the Vedas ensures a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.Some Glimpses:*Birth and essence of Vedas, Vedic Principles:-The Rig Veda contains hymns in praise of all devatas.It also describes the better way of living.-Yajur spells ritualistic procedure of Yagna.-Sama Veda demonstrates how to conquer the enemy with love and conciliatory words.-Atharva Veda contains many hymns to ward of evil and hardship, and to destroy the enemy.*Scientific knowledge and outlook as demonstred by Vedas.The Sun never sets or rises and it is the earth that rotates.(Sama Veda-121)*Vedic Mathematics *Art of Warfare*Prayers and their Rewards in Vedas*Vedic Religion and Indian Society.

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