Stories of Animal Life

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American book Company, 1899 - Animals - 261 pages

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Page 259 - For they covered the face of the whole earth, so that the land was darkened; and they did eat every herb of the land, and all the fruit of the trees which the hail had left...
Page 272 - The physical maps of the grand divisions are drawn to the same scale, thus enabling the pupil to form correct concepts of the relative size of countries. The political and more detailed maps are not mere skeletons, giving only the names which are required by the text, but are full enough to serve all ordinary purposes for reference. In addition, they show the principal railroads and canals, the head of navigation on all important rivers, and the standard divisions of time.
Page 272 - An adequate amount of material is included in each book to meet the requirements of those grades for which it is designed. This matter is presented so simply that the pupil can readily understand it, and so logically that it can easily be taught by the average teacher.
Page 29 - Here was a striking instance of something more than what is termed blind instinct, in this remarkable deviation from her usual manoeuvres when she has a numerous brood. It would have been impossible for me to have injured this affectionate mother, who had exhibited such an example of presence of mind, reason, and sound judgment, as must have convinced the most bigoted advocates of mere instinct.
Page 268 - School Reading by Grades By JAMES BALDWIN Editor of " Harper's Readers," Author of "Old Greek Stories," "Old Stories of the East," etc. In method and in subject matter, as well as in artistic and mechanical execution, these new readers will establish an ideal standard equally well adapted for city and country schools.
Page 272 - information" series meets a distinct demand for new geographies which are thoroughly up to date, and adapted for general use, rather than for a particular use in a highly specialized and organized ideal system.
Page 263 - Life, as entertaining for children as stories. These studies in nature are not only interesting and instructive in themselves, but they teach the child to see, to think, and to observe for himself. Holder's Stories of Animal Life . . .60 cents This book is intended to serve either as a first book on Zoology or as a supplementary reader. The author has aimed to create in young students an enthusiastic interest in Nature Study by presenting some of the most remarkable phases of animal life. Kelly's...
Page 269 - It is therefore a spelling book pure and simple. It has been prepared on a definite psychological plan, based upon an examination of the schools of nearly all the large cities of the country, and a careful study of the actual spelling of many thousand pupils. The high reputation of the author and his exceptional qualifications to deal with the subject of spelling gives this new spelling book unusual interest, not only to teachers but to all interested in the education of the young.
Page 130 - ... and across it are four iron spikes with katasses and iron knobs. There are other chains with iron spikes and knobs hung under the throat and over the breast, and others fastened to the trunk ; these are for ornament, and to frighten horses. Pakher is a kind of steel armour that covers the body of the elephant : there are other pieces of it for the head and proboscis. Gejjhemp is a covering made of three folds, and is laid over the pakher.
Page 263 - ... the various forms and curious features of familiar plants and trees. Including their roots and stems, buds and leaves, fruits, seeds, and flowers are all described in simple language...

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