A Selection of Latin Stories: From Manuscripts of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries : a Contribution to the History of Fiction During the Middle Ages, Volume 8

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Thomas Wright
Percy Society, 1843 - Latin fiction - 255 pages

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Page 84 - eyes as great as saucers. Hereupon some came to charge to him, and did charge him in the name of the Father, the Sonne, and the Holy Ghost, to tell what he was. The dogge at the last told them, for he spake in his language, and said, bowgh, and thereby they did know what he was.
Page 4 - I am glad we agree in that point, I hope we shall in the rest. What say you to this ? that the witches have their spirits, some hath one, some hath more, as two, three, foure, or five, some in one likenesse, and some in another, as like cats, weasils, toades, or mise, whom they nourish with
Page 208 - Anecdotes and Traditions, p. 84),— " The Holy Mawle, which they fancy was hung behind the church door, which when the father was seaventie, the sonne might fetch to knock his father in the head, as effete and of no more use.
Page xix - otheres kunnes quede, Ich the forjeve at thisse nede." " Crist the forjelde !" the wolf seide. " Nou ich am in clene live, Ne recche ich of childe ne of wive. Ac sei me wat I shal do, And ou ich may comen the to." " Do," quod the vox,
Page 5 - or with a chicken, or by letting them suck now and then a drop of bloud: whom they call when they be offended with any, and send them to hurt them in their bodies, yea to kill them, and to kill their cattell ? Dan. Here is great deceit, and great illusion ; here the divell leadeth the ignorant people into foule
Page xiii - kare ! Houre hennen thou dest ofte shome ; Be stille, ich hte, a Godes nome !" Quath the wox, " Sire chauntecler, Thou fle adoun, and com me ner. I nabbe don her nout bote goed, I have leten thine hennen blod ; Hy weren seke ounder the ribe, That hy ne
Page xvi - The vox hie i-kneu wel for his kun, And tho eroust kom wiit to him ; For he thoute mid soumme ginne, Him self houp bringe, thene wolf therinne. Quod the vox, " Wo is nou there ? Ich wene, hit is Sigrim that ich here." " That is soth," the wolf sede, " Ac wat art thou, so God the rede?
Page xv - he gon him bi-thenche, Ac hit ne halp mid none wrenche ; A-doun he moste, he wes therinne ; I-kaut he wes mid swikele ginne. Hit mijte han i-ben wel his wille, To lete that boket hongi stille : Wat mid serewe, and mid drede, Al his thurst him over-hede. Al thus he
Page 13 - in his belly, languished, and died: the witch was arraigned, condemned, and hanged, and did confesse all this. Dan. I told you before that I do not deny these things, but you are deceived about the doing: you marke not the cunning sleights of the divell: tell me, is not this the truth which S. Peter speaketh, that the

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