History of Geology and Palaeontology: To the End of the Nineteenth Century

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W. Scott, 1901 - Geology - 562 pages
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Page 574 - GHOSTS," "AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE," and "THE WILD DUCK." With an Introductory Note. VOL. III. " LADY INGER OF OSTRAT," "THE VIKINGS AT HELGELAND," "THE PRETENDERS." With an Introductory Note and Portrait of Ibsen. VOL. IV. "EMPEROR AND GALILEAN.
Page 571 - HOUSSAY. With numerous Illustrations. " His accuracy is undoubted, yet his facts out-marvel all romance. These facts are here made use of as materials wherewith to form the mighty fabric of evolution.
Page 571 - Daily Telegraph (London). XXII. THE GERM-PLASM : A THEORY OF HEREDITY. By AUGUST WEISMANN, Professor in the University of Freiburg-in-Breisgau. With 24 Illustrations. " There has been no work published since Darwin's own books which has so thoroughly handled the matter treated by him, or has done so much to place in order and clearness the immense complexity of the factors of heredity, or, lastly, has brought to light so many new facts and considerations bearing...
Page 273 - Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands visited during the Voyage of HMS Beagle; together with some brief Notices on the Geology of Australia and the Cape of Good Hope; being the second part of the Geology of the Voyage of the Beagle.
Page 569 - Saturday Review. III. THE ORIGIN OF THE ARYANS. By Dr. ISAAC TAYLOR. Illustrated. Second Edition. "Canon Taylor is probably the most encyclopaedic all-round scholar now living. His new volume on the Origin of the Aryans is a first-rate example of the excellent account to which he can turn his exceptionally wide and varied information. . , . Masterly and exhaustive.
Page 574 - Ibsen's characters speak and act as if they were hypnotised, and under their creator's imperious demand to reveal themselves. There never was such a mirror held up to nature before : it is too terrible. . . . Yet we must return to Ibsen, with his remorseless surgery, his remorseless electric-light, until we, too, have grown strong and learned to face the naked — if necessary, the flayed and bleeding — reality." — SPEAKER (London). VOL. I. "A DOLL'S HOUSE...
Page 570 - M. Letourneau has read a great deal, and he seems to us to have selected and interpreted his facts with considerable judgment and learning.
Page 564 - Brief and vigorous, written throughout with spirit and great literary skill. " — Scotsman. Life of Congreve. By Edmund Gosse. " Mr. Gosse has written an admirable and most interesting biography of a man of letters who is of particular interest to other men of letters.
Page 565 - Graphic. LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON. By Colonel F. Grant. "Colonel Grant has performed his task with diligence, sound judgment, good taste, and accuracy."— Illustrated London News. LIFE OF DARWIN. By GT Bettany. " Mr. GT Bettany's Life of Darwin is a sound and conscientious work.

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