Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors

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The Electrochemical Society, 1996 - Technology & Engineering - 278 pages

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Page 172 - This work was performed at Sandia National Laboratories supported by the US Department of Energy under Contract Number DE-AC04-76DP00789.
Page 19 - Department of Electronic Materials Engineering Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, AUSTRALIA...
Page 224 - This work was supported by the United States Department of Energy under contract DE-AC0494AL85000. Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy.
Page 48 - EH Nicollian and JR Brews, MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Physics and Technology, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982, p.
Page 152 - JC Zolper. AG Baca, RJ Shul. AJ Howard. DJ. Rieger. ME Sherwin. ML. Lovejoy. HP Hjalmarson. BL Draper. JF Klem. and VM Hietala, IEEE Trans. Elec.
Page 17 - CR Abernathy. SJ Pearton, F. Ren, WS Hobson, TR Fullowan, A. Katz, AS Jordan and J. Kovalchick, J. Cryst. Growth, 105 (1990) 375.
Page 16 - M. Konagai, T. Yamada. T. Akatsuka. S. Nozaki. R. Miyake, K. Saito, T. Fukamachi. E. Tokumitsu and K. Takahashi. J. Cryst. Growth 105, 359(1990). SELF-COMPENSATION OF DONORS IN GaAs GROWN BY MOCVD GENNADY V. ANDREYEV* AND VLADIMIR M.MASLOVSKY" •Research Institute of Materials Science, Moscow 103460, Russia ** Zelenograd Research Institute of Physical Problems, Moscow 103460, Russia.
Page 73 - Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield, Mappin Street, Sheffield SI 3JD, UK.
Page 180 - Wafer fusion: A novel technique for optoelectronic device fabrication and monolithic integration,
Page 140 - H. Takeuchi, K. Kasaya, Y. Kondo, H. Yasaka, K. Oe, and Y. Imamura, "Monolithic Integrated Coherent Receiver on InP Substrate,

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