The Elder Eddas [!] of Saemund Sigfusson, Volume 4

Front Cover
Rasmus Björn Anderson, James William Buel
Norrœna Society, 1906 - Edda Sæmundar - 345 pages
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Page 278 - She keeps in a box the apples which the gods, when they feel old age approaching, have only to taste of to become young again. It is in this manner that they will be kept in renovated youth until Ragnarok.
Page 257 - And what is more," continued Thridi, "he hath made man, and given him a soul which shall live and never perish though the body shall have mouldered away, or have been burnt to ashes. And all that are righteous shall dwell with him in the place called Gimli, or Vingolf ; but the wicked shall go to Hel, and thence to Niflhel, which is below, in the ninth world.
Page 315 - Hermod pursued his journey until he came to the barred gates of Hel. Here he alighted, girthed his saddle tighter, and remounting clapped both spurs to his horse, who cleared the gate by a tremendous leap without touching it. Hermod then rode on to the palace, where he found his brother Baldur occupying the most distinguished seat in the hall, and passed the night in his company.
Page 272 - is Odin. He governs all things, and, although the other deities are powerful, they all serve and obey him as children do their father. Frigga is his wife. She foresees the destinies of men, but never reveals what is to come. For thus it is said that Odin himself told Loki, 'Senseless Loki, why wilt thou pry into futurity, Frigga alone knoweth the destinies of all, though she telleth them never...
Page 284 - The gods seeing this, thrust a sword into his mouth, which pierced his under-jaw up to the hilt, so that the point touched the palate.' He then began to howl horribly, and since that time the foam flows continually from his mouth in such abundance that it forms the river called Von. There will he remain until Ragnarok.
Page 257 - If thou art not the most knowing,' replied Har, ' I fear thou wilt hardly return safe. But go, stand there below, and propose thy questions ; here sits one who will be able to answer them.
Page 314 - Valkyrior, and his ravens; then Frey in his car drawn by Gullinbursti, the boar; Heimdall rode his horse Gulltopp, and Freya drove in her chariot drawn by cats. There were also a great many Frost giants and giants of the mountain present.
Page 282 - Elves (Svartalfaheim) to engage certain dwarfs to make the fetter called Gleipnir. It was fashioned out of six things ; to wit, the noise made by the footfall of a cat ; the beards of women ; the roots of stones ; the sinews of bears ; the breath of fish ; and the spittle of birds.
Page 304 - I now see plainly," said UtgardLoki, "that thou art not quite so stout as we thought thee; but wilt thou try any other feat, though...
Page 311 - Balder to stand up and serve them as a mark, some hurling darts at him, some stones, while others hewed at him with their swords and battle-axes, for do what they would, none of them could harm him, and this was regarded by all as a great honour shown to Balder. But when Loki beheld the scene he was sorely vexed that Balder was not hurt. Assuming, therefore, the shape of a woman, he went to Fensalir, the mansion of Frigga.