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No. 115 Chapel Street,

New Haven, Conn.

&c., of all sizes, on hand, or made to order.
Note Books, Bill Books, Time Books, Pocket Memorandums, Iyory Tablets, Pocket

Cutlery, Portmonaies, Pocket Books, &c.
PAPER—Cap, Letter, Legal and Commercial Note Paper. ENVELOPES_Document, Letter and Note Envelopes.

PRINTING–Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, &c., printed and ruled at šhort notice.


EclipsES FOR 1857.- In the year 1857 thero will be two eclipses, both of which must of necessity be of the Sun.

“ The Moon so wise het course doth steer,

She rides in sunshine all this year.” I. A total eclipse of the Sun at the time of New Moon, March 25th. East of the meridian of Washington this eclipse will not be visible, and west of that meri dian, as far as the Mississippi River, it will be visible only a few minutes about sunset. This eclipse wių be central and total in the Pacific Ocean and Central America.

II. An anular eclipse of the Sun at the time of New Moon, September 17th. The principal part of the earth's surface upon which this eclipse will be visible is that bounded on the north by a line running from 15 to 175 degrees east longtitude, east by a line runniug from 20 degrees north to 50 degrees south latitude, south by a line running from 155 to 30 degrees east longtitude, and west by a line from 10 to 77 degrees north latitude.

Morning and Evening Stars. Venus will be Evening Star until May 10, then Morning Star the remainder of the year. Mars will be Evening Star until June 7, then Morning Star till the end of the year. Jupiter will be Evening Star until April 11, then Morning Star till November 3, then Evening Star till the end of the year. Saturn will be Evening Star unul July 10, then Moroing Star till the end of the year.

MERCURY.—Mercury, which is rarely seen, will be visible in the west soon after sunset, about January 12, May 5, September 1, and December 26 ; also in the cast, before sunrise, about February 28, June 29, and October 19.

Chronological Cycles.
Domnical Letter
D | Lunar Cycle

12 Golden Number, 15 | Roman Indiction,

15 Epact, (Moon's age January 1,) 4 | Julian Period,

65 70 Solar Cycle, -18 | Age of the world,

5860 The year 5618 of the Jewish Era commences September 19, 1857. Ramadan month of abstinence observed by the Turks, commences April 25, 1857. The year 1274 of the Mohammedan Era commences August 22, 1857.

The Seasons.
Vernal Equino.-Spring commences March 20, 10h. 53m. morning.
Summer Solstice-Summer begins June 21, 7h 34m, morning.
Autumnal Equinox-Autumn begins September 22, 9h. 41m. evening.
Winter Solstice--Winter begins December 21, 3h. 25m. evening.

Apogee and Perigee of the Sun.
San's Apogee, July 1-distance from the Earth,

96,702,364 miles Sun's Mean Distance from the Earth, March 31 and October 1, 95,103,000 Sun's Perigee, January 1-distance from the Earth,

Fixed and Moveable Feasts.

April 12 Septuagesima Sunday, Feb. 8 | Low Sunday,

19 Quinquagesima-Shrove Sun., 22 | Rogation Sunday,

May 17 Ash Weduesday, 1st day of Lent,“ 25 Ascensian Day, holy Thursday, 21 Quadragesima, 1st Sun. in Lent, Mar. 1 Whit Sunday-Pentecost,

31 Annunciation-Lady Day, 25 | Trinity Sunday,

June 7 Palm Sunday,

April 5 First Sunday in Advent, Nov. 29 Good Friday, " 10 Christmas,

Dec. 25

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