Iron corrosion: anti-fouling and anti-corrosive paints

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Scott, Greenwood and co., 1900 - Corrosion and anti-corrosives - 275 pages
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Page 3 - Animal Fats and Oils. Their Practical Production, Purification and Uses for a great variety of purposes; their Properties, Falsification and Examination.
Page 11 - Calculation of the Necessary Weight and Volume of Air, and of the Least Expenditure of Heat, per Drying Apparatus with Heated Air, at the Atmospheric Pressure: A, With the Assumption that the Air is Completely Saturated with Vapour both before...
Page 2 - Handbook on the Preparation, Properties and Analysis of the Soaps and Oils used in Textile Manufacturing, Dyeing and Printing.
Page 8 - Raw Materials and Manufacture : Glue Stock, Lining, Extraction, Washing and Clarifying, Filter Presses, Water Supply, Use of Alkalies, Action of Bacteria and of Antiseptics, Various Processes, Cleansing, Forming, Drying, Crushing, etc., Secondary Products.
Page 12 - Leather Trades. THE LEATHER WORKER'S MANUAL. Being a Compendium of Practical Recipes and Working Formulae for Curriers, Bootmakers, Leather Dressers, Blacking Manufacturers, Saddlers, Fancy Leather Workers, and all Persons engaged in the Manipulation of Leather.
Page 15 - Translated from the French by KH BIRD, MA, and W. MOORE BINNS. With Five Plates. 950 Illustrations in the Text, and numerous estimates. 500 pp. Royal 8vo. Price 15s. net. (Post free, 15s.
Page 25 - Oils" see p. 7.) (Dyeing, Colour Printing, Matching and Dye-stuffs.) THE COLOUR PRINTING OF CARPET YARNS. Manual for Colour Chemists and Textile Printers. By DAVID PATERSON, FCS Seventeen Illustrations. 136 pp. Demy 8vo. Price 7s. 6d. net. (Post free, 7s.
Page 5 - Greases, Petroleum.) LUBRICATING OILS, FATS AND GREASES : Their Origin, Preparation, Properties, Uses and Analyses. A Handbook for Oil Manufacturers, Refiners and Merchants, and the Oil and Fat Industry in General. By GEORGE H. HURST, FCS Third Revised and Enlarged Edition.
Page 16 - PAINTING ON GLASS AND PORCELAIN AND ENAMEL PAINTING. A Complete Introduction to the Preparation of all the Colours and Fluxes used for Painting on Porcelain, Enamel, Faience and Stoneware, the Coloured Pastes and Coloured Glasses, together with a Minute Description of the Firing of Colours and Enamels.
Page 23 - It is a capital text-book for use in the weaving schools or for self-instruction, while all engaged in the weaving industry will find its suggestions helpful.

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