Modern Egypt, Volume 2

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Page 184 - more correct to say, of Islam. Pope's fine lines well describe my honoured friend :— Statesman, yet friend to truth ! of soul sincere, In action faithful, and in honour clear ! Who broke no promise, served no private end, AVho gained no title, and who lost no friend.
Page 254 - Such, however, is the case. Writing to Mr. Canning on September 29, 1821, Lord Stratford said : "As a matter of humanity, I wish with all my soul that the Greeks were put in possession of their whole patrimony, and that the Sultan was driven, bag and baggage, into the heart of Asia
Page 17 - puissant," said an eminent Frenchman, 1 "sont des malheurs publics." Mr. Gladstone's error of judgment in delaying too long the despatch of the Nile expedition left a stain on the reputation of England which it will be beyond the power of either the impartial historian or the partial apologist to efface. VOL. II
Page 204 - doctrines remain in the same rigid yet undefined state as that in which they were left by Constantine and Justinian." If a religious belief cannot adapt itself to the requirements which are constantly cropping up as the world grows older, one of two things will probably happen. Either society advances and the religious belief is stranded
Page 207 - which, mainly from want of exercise, the Egyptian Moslem seems to be deficient; thirdly, that for all purposes of broad generalisation, the only difference between the Copt and the Moslem is that the former is an Egyptian who worships in a Christian church, whilst the latter is an Egyptian who worships in a Mohammedan mosque. The
Page 4 - can see in imagination the whole scene, the Sheikh inviting them to land, saying, ' Thank God, the Mahdi is a liar,'—bringing in wood —men going on shore and dispersed. The Abbas with her steam down, then a rush of wild Arabs, and all is over
Page 160 - doctrines are quoted because the Egyptians are Sunnis, " A husband may divorce his wife without any misbehaviour on her part, or without assigning any cause. The divorce of every husband is effective if he be of sound understanding and of mature age."' There is, however, a good deal of difference of opinion amongst legal authorities as to the law of divorce.
Page 106 - must still go with the men who died. Our men were perfect, but the Dervishes were superb—beyond perfection. It was their largest, best, and bravest army that ever fought against us for Mahdiism, and it died worthily
Page 84 - was told in reply (November 15, 1895) that there was not any present prospect of the Government consenting to the despatch of a military expedition into the Soudan, and that, therefore, the financial arrangements of the Egyptian Government could be made without reference to the cost of any such expedition.
Page 136 - In the second place, Islam, speaking not so much through the Koran as the Koran, is regarded by Moslems as containing the essence of the whole book : • Say, God is one; God the eternal; He begetteth not, neither is He begotten ; neither is there any one like Him.'

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