Consumer Behavior in Action

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Down-to-earth, highly engaging, and thorough, Consumer Behavior in Action does more than any other consumer behavior textbook to generate student interest and involvement through extensive in-class and written application exercises.

The text's four parts can be covered in any sequence after Part I, which provides an overview of consumer behavior and covers foundational material on market segmentation. Part II covers the consumer decision-making process in general as well as each of the specific stages of that process. Part III investigates societal influences on consumer behavior, from society and culture to interpersonal, and Part IV deals with the micro-psychological influences on consumer decision-making.

Each chapter includes several exercises in self-contained units, each with its own applications, as well as learning objectives and an easy-to-understand background textual discussion. Each chapter also includes a key concepts list, review questions, and a solid summary to help initiate further student research.

The text includes ten different types of engaging exercises: analysis of advertisements, analysis of scenarios, introspection into students' own consumer behavior, interactive Internet exercises, experimental and survey fieldwork, quantitative exercises, creative exercises, debatable issues, ethical analyses, and marketplace analyses. An Online Instructor's Manual is available to adopters.


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This book thoroughly covers all aspects of marketing to consumers, as opposed to business-to-business marketing. A must read for students and practitioners of marketing.


PART I Introduction to Consumer Behavior and Marketing Management
Chapter 1 Consumer Behavior Overview
Chapter 2 Market Segmentation
PART II The Consumer DecisionMaking Process
Chapter 3 Overview of Consumer Decision Making
Chapter 4 Stages In Consumer Decision Making
PART III External Sociocultural Influences on Consumer Behavior
Chapter 5 Cultural Influences
Adoption and Diffusion Processes
PART IV Internal Individual Psychological Influences on Consumer Behavior
Chapter 11 Personality and Lifestyle
Chapter 12 Motivation
Chapter 13 Perception and Information Processing
Chapter 14 Learning and Memory
Chapter 15 Attitude Formation and Change

Chapter 6 Subcultural Influences
Chapter 7 Social Class Influences
Chapter 8 Reference Groups and Social Influences
Chapter 9 Family Influences
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