Facing the Footlights: A Novel, Volume 3

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F.V. White, 1883

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Page 6 - She has plenty of money of her own, and it's a mean thing to try and take the bread out of the mouths of those who have worked hard for it.
Page 158 - I've done nothing at all with her, Madam," the peer cried out in great heat. " I don't know how the doose you came to know anything about her; but all I know is that she turned me up, and gave me the slip, and — and — I don't know what right you have to speak to me in this way. I don't owe you any money.
Page 231 - It was difficult to say which felt this meeting most — the adopted daughter or the mother; but they clung to each other as if they could never part again.
Page 51 - ... the cow milked for his own special benefit. This she indignantly refused. The colonel not wishing to compromise his reputation for gallantry, remarked that if all the young ladies in Virginia were as beautiful as the one he had the pleasure of addressing, he had no desire to conquer the Confederacy. With a toss of her pretty head, and a slight elevation of her nose, she answered thus : " Well, sir, if all the gentlemen in your army are as ugly as you are we ladies have no desire to conquer them.
Page 195 - Don't think so meanly of me as to suppose for a moment that these dirty rooms and broken-down chairs and tables can make any difference in my estimate of you.

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