The Engineer officers' navy list. Apr., Aug., 1867-Jan., 1872; May, Sept., 1873

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Page 63 - Son held at the time of his death ; but if such Mother shall herself be in the receipt of a Pension as an Officer's Widow, or shall have any other provision of any kind from the public, in that case no Allowance will be made to her on account of her faon, unless she gives up the other Pension or Allowance...
Page 3 - CONTENTS : Chap. I. How Work is Measured by a Unit, both with and without reference to a Unit of Time — Chap. 2. The Work of Living Agents, the Influence of Friction, and introduces one of the most beautiful Laws of Motion — Chap.
Page 11 - Gd. 55. NAVIGATION ; the Sailor's Sea Book : How to Keep the Log and Work it off, &c. ; Law of Storms, and Explanation of Terms, by J. Greenwood. 2s.
Page 9 - ... the practical use of the various instruments used in the engine-room, including the indicator, and of becoming generally acquainted with the duties of a naval engineer.
Page 90 - ... taking place, to the Admiralty, according to the K'-rro in the Appendix/ 12. With respect to marriages contracted in Scotland none will be addmitted, for the purposes of ihese Regulations which cannot be proved either by an extract of the Register of the Kirk Session, or other legal record of the place in which the marriage shall have been celebrated...
Page 16 - ... must possess a thorough knowledge of the construction and working of marine engines and boilers in all their parts, and be so far acquainted with the elements of theoretical mechanics as to comprehend the general principles on which the machine works; he must understand how to apply the indicator, and draw the...
Page 63 - Officers may be given in those cases in which the Widow of the Officer would be entitled to be placed on the Pension List ; provided it be shown that the Children have no other Allowance, Pension or Provision from the Government, and that their pecuniary circumstances and those of their Family are so limited, that they actually require assistance from the Compassionate Fund.
Page 63 - Twenty-one, whichever shall first happen, and no longer ; — except in very special cases, in which it shall be shewn, that such Sons or Daughters are afflicted with any mental or bodily infirmity, rendering them incapable of making any exertion for their own support ; and that they are still in distressed circumstances.
Page 90 - If her husband, being capable of service, had, at his own solicitation, been excused from serving, when called upon, provided he was officially warned that his Widow would thereby forfeit the Pension; or if her husband had been placed on permanent Half-Pay, or on the Retired List, on account of misconduct.
Page 90 - If she shall receive any other pension, provision or allowance from the Government on account of her husband's services in a Naval or Military capacity ; but widows in receipt of pensions from the Civil List...

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