The Spy of Osawatomie; Or, The Mysterious Companions of Old John Brown

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W.S. Bryan, 1881 - Kansas - 439 pages
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Page 191 - That there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, in any territory on the continent of America, which shall hereafter be acquired by, or annexed to, the United States by virtue of this appropriation, or in any other manner whatsoever...
Page 415 - ... pretend to no taste in the fine arts, yet I know that others, who are competent judges, as well as myself, have been delighted with the results of his labors, and admired the industry and genius with which they were accomplished. The hope of identifying his talents with the Capitol of the Union, has been the subject of his thoughts by day, and his dreams by night.
Page 394 - Gentlemen, I consider the Golden Rule and the Declaration of Independence one and inseparable ; and it is better that a whole generation of men, women, and children should be swept away, than that this crime of slavery should exist one day longer.
Page 213 - The first party sent out by the New England Aid Societies reached a point on the Kaw river, in Kansas, about the middle of July. There they pitched their tents and began the building of a town, which they named Lawrence, in honor of Amos A. Lawrence, of Boston. By the last of the month they were joined by seventy more emigrants and the work of founding their town was pushed forward with energy. There was not a 'drone in the little community. They were all honest, intelligent, God-fearing men and...
Page 55 - I am at a loss for words to express my appreciation of your kind invitation.
Page 210 - I've no mother now, I'm weeping ; She has left me here alone ; She beneath the sod is sleeping. Now there is no joy at home. Tears of sorrow long have started — Her bright...
Page 235 - General that when he wants me to fight, to say so ; that is the only order I will obey.
Page 374 - ... to-day if he hadn't. Poverty is the only reliable patron of literature. He was a "methodical worker. He had his " office " in a street opposite the Savoy Chapel. He would reach there as the clock struck ten, work till four, then, locking the door, g?
Page 294 - In one corner hung two or three sides of bacon, against the wall of logs, near by, was suspended a piece of flannel that had once been red, but was now...
Page 137 - ... to her own room where she threw herself upon the bed and wept until tired nature casi around her pillow the oblivion of sleep.

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