Ambrose Everett Burnside

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N. B. Williams, 1882 - 97 pages
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Page 32 - My plan for the impending general engagement was to attack the enemy's left with the corps of Hooker and Mansfield, supported by Sumner's, and, if necessary, by Franklin's ; and, as soon as matters looked favorably there, to move the corps of Burnside against the enemy's extreme right, upon the ridge running to the south and rear of Sharpsburg, and having carried their position, to press along the crest toward our right ; and whenever either of these flank- movements should be successful, to advance...
Page 58 - ... what they say; therefore, the greater responsibility rests upon the public men and upon the public press, and it behooves them to be careful as to what they say. They must not use license and plead that they are exercising liberty. In this Department it cannot be done. I shall use all the power I have to break down such license, and I am sure I will be sustained in this course by all honest men. At all events, I will have the consciousness before God of having done my duty to my country, and...
Page 70 - I look upon the next line for me to secure to be that from Chattanooga to Mobile; Montgomery and Atlanta being the important intermediate points.
Page 49 - Corps crossed and ltd the advance, unaided and alone, up the heights, and held their position for half an hour while the others crossed. Had they been followed and supported by other troops, their courage that day would have won a victory.
Page 35 - To the Ninth Corps, so long and intimately associated with me, I need say nothing ; our histories are identical. With diffidence for myself, but with a proud confidence in the unswerving loyalty and determination of the gallant army now intrusted to my care, I accept its control with the steadfast assurance that the just cause must prevail.
Page 85 - On every occasion during the war, when there was need, Burnside displayed the same heroic self-abnegation. His ability has been questioned, his strategy criticized, and sometimes even his vigor denied ; but the purity of his patriotism and the loftiness of his public spirit were unsurpassed. On the 25th of May, Grant became satisfied that Lee had been reinforced by Breckenridge's command. This left the Valley of Virginia open to Hunter, and the general-in-chief at once announced the fact to Halleck,...
Page 102 - The marine artillery with the Burnside expedition, and the battle of Camden, NC By WB Avery.
Page 70 - ... Congress had revived the rank of lieutenant general (last held by George Washington), and Lincoln had promoted Grant to this rank with the title of general in chief. Henry W. Halleck stepped down to the post of chief of staff. Grant designated Sherman as his successor to command western armies and came east to make his headquarters with the Army of the Potomac. Though Meade remained in charge of this army subject to Grant's strategic orders, Phil Sheridan also came east to take over its cavalry....
Page 69 - Atlanta, the rail road centre, and there entirely destroying the enemy's communications, breaking up the depots, &c. — thence moving to some point on the coast where cover, can be obtained, as shall be agreed upon with you. It is proposed to take no trains, but to live upon the country and the supplies at the enemy's depots, destroying such as we do not use. If followed by the enemy, as we undoubtedly shall be, Rosecrans will be relieved and enabled to advance, and, from the...
Page 56 - ... Johnson was so quickly indicted and tried. While the trial was in progress extra deputies were sworn in and an unusual number of guards were kept around the court house and at the jail at night. Guns to be used in protecting the jail against a mob were purchased. March 3 Johnson filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in the United States Circuit Court for the Northern Division of the Eastern District of Tennessee. March 10, 1906, the petition was denied, the Circuit Court ordering that...

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