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A great layperson's view of the incredible genome project undertaken by Nat Geo and an incredibly talented group of scientists. I've seen Spencer Wells in person, and i think the only thing he does ... Read full review

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Fascinating read! A nice reminder of concepts learned in high-school, as well as linking them to the possiblility of tracing genetic markers to our very first ancestors and their migratory routes ... Read full review

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A pretty good read, full of information that is easy to digest. The author gives good technical information presented in an approachable manner without being condescending. The true life stories about ... Read full review

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"Deep Ancestry" is a sort of simplified version of "The Journey of Man" which is a classic. Although many of the details were new, details which I will forget, the concepts are the same, no new ideas ... Read full review

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Another "good, but" book. It covers the same territory as Luca Cavalli-Sforza, but is more up-to-date. Along with that, the explanations of how the raw data being gathered is converted into historical ... Read full review

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Deep Ancestry is the story of us. Or the story of how scientists are figuring out the story of us.
Meant to be an introduction to the National Geographic's Genographic Project, Deep Ancestry
provides a summary of the complicated genetic discoveries being made by researchers every day.
Author Spencer Wells uses real life people's stories to introduce concepts like haplogroups and population genetics in order to break up the technobabble that cannot really be avoided without entirely dumbing down the ideas he's trying to convey.
A good chunk of the end of the book is a detailed appendix with entries describing each haplogroup (Y chromosome and mtDNA), including all the various markers that point the way to the groups earliest common ancestor. This section seems best suited to those who have purchased a DNA testing kit and want to research their test results.

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