Political Women, Volume 1

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H. S. King & Company, 1873 - Women

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Page xx - Seek to be good, but aim not to be great: A woman's noblest station is retreat; Her fairest virtues fly from public sight, Domestic worth, that shuns too strong a light.
Page 140 - Faisant la guerre au Roi, j'ai perdu les deux yeux. Mais, pour un tel objet, je l'aurais faite aux Dieux.
Page 72 - I should much more regret the change in your conduct if I thought myself less worthy of a continuation of your affection. I confess to you that so long as I believed it to be true and warm, mine gave you all the advantages which you could desire. Now, hope nothing more from me than the esteem which I owe to your discretion. I have too much pride to share the passion which you have so often sworn to me, and I desire to punish your negligence in seeing me, in no other way than by depriving you entirely...
Page 75 - ... am innocent of the spitefulness of which they accuse me, there being no person of honor capable of uttering such a calumny; and if I had committed such a crime, I would have submitted to the punishments that the queen would have imposed upon me, would never have shown myself before the world again, and would have asked your pardon. I beg you to believe that I shall never be lacking in the respect that I owe you because of the opinion which I have of the merit and virtue of Mme. de Longueville.
Page 295 - Le duc de La Rochefoucauld m'a dit que la jalousie et la vengeance le firent agir soigneusement, et qu'il fit tout ce qu'elle voulut.
Page viii - Madame du Chatelet, * who managed at one and the same moment the thread of an intrigue, her cards at piquet, and a calculation in algebra, was a very clever woman! If Portia had been created as a mere instrument to bring about a dramatic catastrophe — if she had merely detected the flaw in Antonio's bond and used it as a means to baffle the Jew, she might have been pronounced a clever woman. But what Portia does is forgotten...
Page xiii - Not a word of her! though she is the strongest example. perhaps in the history of the world, certainly in the history of this empire. of the abuse of female favoritism, and the most flagrant instance of the incalculable influence of household familiarity on the destinies of mankind
Page xviii - ... all dry subjects, and shrinks from any active part in their discussion. Of course, there are exceptions by the thousand, but the rule is, that she voluntarily abstains from interference in outside topics, whatever be their gravity or their importance. She may have a vague opinion on such matters, picked up from hearing men talk...
Page xii - ... the accomplishments of the female sex. If France was a despotism tempered by epigrams, it was the life of the salons which brought those epigrams to perfection ; and the salons thus constituted a sort of social Parliament, which, though unable to stop the supplies or withhold the Mutiny Act, still...

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