The Arcane Formulas Or Mental Alchemy: A Supplementary Volume to The Arcane Teaching

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Arcane Book Concern, 1909 - 109 pages
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Page 33 - And more, my son ! for more than once when I Sat all alone, revolving in myself The word that is the symbol of myself. The mortal limit of the Self was loosed, And past into the Nameless, as a cloud Melts into Heaven. I touch'd my limbs, the limbs Were strange not mine — and yet no shade of doubt, But utter clearness, and thro...
Page 58 - Do what thy manhood bids thee do. from none but self expect applause ; He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws. All other Life is living Death, a world where none but Phantoms dwell, A breath, a wind, a sound, a voice, a tinkling of the Camel-bell.
Page 32 - He squatted in a corner of the clanging waiting-room, rapt from all other thoughts; hands folded in lap, and pupils contracted to pin-points. In a minute — in another half second — he felt he would arrive at the solution of the tremendous puzzle; but here, as always happens, his mind dropped away from those heights with the rush of a wounded bird, and passing his hand before his eyes, he shook his head. A long-haired Hindu bairagi (holy man), who had just bought a ticket, halted before him at...
Page 50 - So while thy body of desire is (and must be by the law of its nature) incessantly in motion in the world of suffering, the T high up above is fixed in heaven. "Therefore I say let no confusion cloud thy mind about this matter; "But ever when desire knocks at thy door, "Though thou grant it admission and entreat it hospitably — as in duty bound — "Fence it yet gently off from thy true self, "Lest it should tear and rend thee.
Page 50 - For the 'I' neither desires nor fears anything, but is free and in everlasting glory, dwelling in heaven and pouring out joy like the sun on all sides. "Let not that precious thing by any confusion be drawn down and entangled in the world of opposites, and of Death and suffering. "For as a light-house beam sweeps with incredible speed over sea and land, yet the lamp moves not at all.
Page 49 - Purushas begin a process of extrication, and through long series of reincarnations work themselves from lower to higher states, slowly but surely, toward their former condition of Bliss. This idea has been expressed by an English poet, Edward Carpenter, who says : "Slowly and resolutely — as a fly cleans its legs of the honey in which it has been caught— so remove thou, if it only be for a time> ever}' particle which sullies the brightness of thy mind.
Page 47 - ... making the profound obeisance of the soul to the dim star that burns within. Steadily, as you watch and worship, its light will grew stronger. Then you may know you have found the beginning of the way. And when you have found the end its light will suddenly become the infinite light.
Page 47 - But he is only so when he grasps his whole individuality firmly, and, by the force of his awakened spiritual will, recognizes this individuality as not himself, but that thing which he has with pain created for his own use, and by means of which he purposes, as his growth slowly develops his intelligence, to reach to the life beyond individuality.
Page 46 - Seek in the heart the source of evil and expunge it. It lives fruitfully in the heart of the devoted disciple, as well as in the heart of the man of desire.
Page 49 - Good health, wholeness of limb and brain, youth, manhood, age — nay life itself— in one word: To die — For this into the world you came. All to be abandoned, and when they have been finally abandoned, Then to return to be used — and then only to be rightly used, to be free and open forever.

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