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Are Monarch butterflies poisonous, and my friend says no.

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We need this type of clarity when discussing environmental issues. Bjorn Lomborg may not tell you what you want to hear about the environment but thats the point. He explains why we should be optimistic and perhaps evaluation our priorities. Read the book, its wonderful.

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After only reading a couple pages of this book I am astounded. What may seem like logical reasoning and statistical credibility is no more than avoiding some truths to make the data support your argument. On page 227 the author states that, "The average American consumes 295 pounds of fruit and 416 pounds of vegetables a year. A rough calculation shows that he therefore consume about 24 mg of pesticide each year." What about the pesticides found in meat, eggs, dairy, grains? My guess is the average american consumes way more animal and grain products than he does produce. We love our carbs and our protein, they're everywhere. So I wonder how much pesticides we really do eat every year? I wouldn't waste my money to read any more of this book. It looks like Bjorn was in fact employing the same deceptive tactics he preaches about in the book. 

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This is a terrific book that should be on the bookshelf of everybody that believes that reason is more powerful than passion or faith. Using detailed statistical analysis, the author essentially tears apart most of the arguments that environmentalists have been using to push their agenda on the rest of us. Reading this book, it became obvious to me that environmentalists for the most part, are *not* interested in the environment and in the health of the people on it (if they were, they would at least get their facts straight, and stop the constant barrage of misinformation that they constantly throw at us). They are indeed, more interested in their political agenda, a combination of fascism and socialism, because of course, "they know best". Use this book as a fact finder. And then watch your so-called environmentalist friends squirm when you feed them the facts. Guaranteed, they will not have a response, and then eventually concede that the facts don't matter one way or another. 

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