Advances in Computational Multibody Systems

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Jorge A.C. Ambrósio
Springer Science & Business Media, Jul 5, 2005 - Business & Economics - 370 pages
Among all the fields in solid mechanics the methodologies associated to multibody dynamics are probably those that provide a better framework to aggregate different disciplines. This idea is clearly reflected in the multidisciplinary applications in biomechanics that use multibody dynamics to describe the motion of the biological entities, or in finite elements where the multibody dynamics provides powerful tools to describe large motion and kinematic restrictions between system components, or in system control for which multibody dynamics are the prime form of describing the systems under analysis, or even in applications with fluid-structures interaction or aeroelasticity. This book contains revised and enlarged versions of selected communications presented at the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference in Multibody Dynamics 2003 that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, which have been enhanced in their self-containment and tutorial aspects by the authors. The result is a comprehensive text that constitutes a valuable reference for researchers and design engineers and helps to appraise the potential of application of multibody dynamics to a wide range of scientific and engineering areas of relevance.

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A Fast and Simple SemiRecursive Formulation for MultiRigidBody Systems
HardwareintheLoop for Quality Assurance of an Active Automotive Safety System
Multibody Aspects of Motorcycle Modelling with Special Reference to Autosim
Gluing for Dynamic Simulation of Distributed Mechanical Systems
Multiscale Methods for Multibody Systems with Impacts
Unified Modelling Theories for the Dynamics of Multidisciplinary Multibody Systems
A Biomechanical Multibody Model with a Detailed Locomotion Muscle Apparatus
Understanding MeanAxis Conditions as Floating Reference Frames
Robust analysis of flexible multibody systems and joint clearances in an energy conserving framework
Modelling Control and Validation of Flexible Robot Manipulators
An Elastic Simulation Model of a Metal Pushing VBelt CVT
Multicriteria Optimization of Train Structures for Crashworthiness
MultiCriteria Optimization of a Hexapod Machine
Multibody dynamics in advanced education

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