Edward The

Front Cover
General Books LLC, 2010 - Fiction - 66 pages
Excerpt: ...noble mind and disposition. Spenser, I here create thee Earl of Wiltshire, And daily will enrich thee with our favour, That, as the sunshine, shall reflect o'er thee. Beside, the more to manifest our love, Because we hear Lord Bruce doth sell his land, And that the Mortimers are in hand withal, Thou shalt have crowns of us t'outbid the barons; And, Spenser, spare them not, lay it on.- Soldiers, a largess, and thrice-welcome all! Y. Spen. My lord, here comes the queen. Enter QUEEN ISABELLA, PRINCE EDWARD, and LEVUNE. K. Edw. Madam, what news? Q. Isab. News of dishonour, lord, and discontent. Our friend Levune, faithful and full of trust, Informeth us, by letters and by words, That Lord Valois our brother, King of France, Because your highness hath been slack in homage, Hath seized Normandy into his hands: These be the letters, this the messenger. K. Edw. Welcome, Levune.-Tush, Sib, if this be all, Valois and I will soon be friends again.- But to my Gaveston: shall I never see, Never behold thee now!-Madam, in this matter We will employ you and your little son; You shall go parley with the King of France.- Boy, see you bear you bravely to the king, And do your message with a majesty. P. Edw. Commit not to my youth things of more weight Than fits a prince so young as I to bear; And fear not, lord and father, -heaven's great beams On Atlas' shoulder shall not lie more safe Than shall your charge committed to my trust. Q. Isab. Ah, boy, this towardness makes thy mother fear Thou art not mark'd to many days on earth! K. Edw. Madam, we will that you with speed be shipp'd, And this our son; Levune shall follow you With all the haste we can despatch him hence. Choose of our lords to bear you company; And go in...

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