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Ken Macleod's The Execution Channel very quickly made my favorite books list. Disinfo, blogging, spies, thermonuclear warfare (especially fear of), pandemics, dystopia, torture, execution pornography, hacking, fear, terrorism... all themes of today's world brought about in an engaging, well-written, thrilling novel.
it's alternahistory and future speculative. al gore wins 2000. 9/11 occurred not in NYC but in Boston and Philadelphia. Global warming has quickly wreaked havoc, causing innumerable displacement of people. Pandemics have ravaged the globe. And some huge explosion on the scale of a nuclear bomb has exploded in Scotland, and inspired, terrorists blow up highways and crash planes into airports while skins and average joes attack "Mozzies" (muslims) indiscriminately. Around this is weaved the story of one family headed by a failed scientist cum IT hacker who turns to secretly spying for France while his daughter, an anti-war protester, is caught up in a Web surrounding the Leuchars explosion, having been previously warned by her brother, who is in the British military, that she should flee the area.
This little book has a lot going for it, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the above dystopic themes.

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