A Nihilist Princess

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Aldine, 1886 - Nihilism - 366 pages

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Page 322 - ... and door chinks and spy me out in this way — there are moments in every man's life which should pass only between himself and his God — no human eye should witness such — not even the most loving one." " Key -holes and door chinks," she repeated, looking much hurt, and letting go his hand. " You must have a strange opinion of me if you think me capable of such mean tricks as those — peeping and listening, like a vile, curious menial, eh? — Key-holes and door chinks — ' and a Syrian...
Page 68 - My dear Laidlaw," interrupted the other, in that soothing voice of command which had suggested to many a suffering soul that the cure for its pain lay in the powers of its own reawakened will, "I am always at your service, as you know. You have only to tell me what I can do for you, and I will do it." He showed every desire to help him out. His manner was indescribably tactful and direct. Dr. Laidlaw looked up into his face. "I surrender my will to you...
Page 164 - I ever heard or know are not enough — the best of words mean so little. And they never do come to me when I want them. But those little words of yours are more to me than all the world beside. I do thank you with all my strength, with all my heart, with all my soul, and I will live for you with all three. Why should I say it ? You know it all, dear, much better than it can be said, for you believe in me. But it is good to say—I wish it could have been half as good to hear.
Page 77 - ... (goes up to her quickly). — Kurt will receive you with open arms, — believe me. Ellen. — Ah ! this is retribution. To-day you discard my love, as I once did yours. Erich. — I am not discarding your love Ellen. — You don't even believe in my love, — I feel it! Erich. — Yes, Ellen, I do believe in it. I believe in it as firmly as I believe that the rose loves me, when it wafts to me its fragrance. It loves me, as it loves the wind and the sun that play with its petals. Ellen. —...
Page 215 - ... once," I mused aloud, glancing at my manly, patrician, well-groomed outward seeming as Caroline stood at the further end of the room, chatting with Miss Van Tromp and the Edgertons. An exclamation beside me convinced me that little Van Tromp was very wide-awake. " Shall I take you to her, Mrs. Stevens? There is no sacrifice that I would not make for you. You would go to Mrs Edgerton?
Page 167 - You do not know? " " I do not know anything," she said wildly, passing her hand across her brow.
Page 239 - Did she love him? He looked first at the one and then at the other. He hesitated for a moment, and then held out his hand to Raymond. " I have good news for you,

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