Catalogue of the Imperial Byzantine Coins in the British Museum, Volume 2

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Page 472 - Le medaillon . . . represente certainement le couvercle de quelque capsule, ou boite, renfermant un fragment de la Vraie Croix. On sait que ces fragments veneres etaient presque toujours places dans une cavite ou receptacle au centre des quatre branches de croix processionnelles ou autres. On gravait sur la face principale de la capsule le portrait du prince regnant et ces monnaies d'argent nous donnent la tres exacte representation d'une de ces croix reliquaires 86>«.
Page 557 - ... in r. labarum, in 1. sword in sheath. The Virgin wears nimbus, veil, tunic, and mantle ; •*• on drapery ; L hand in benediction. Double border of dots. Obverse Gold Nomisma (scyphate) Christ, bearded, seated facing on throne without back ; in L, book of Gospels ; r. outstretched in benediction ; wears tunic, mantle, and nimbus cruciger, with • in limbs of cross ; above, 1C and XC. Double border of dots (sometimes not visible). Reverse Plate 1 66-6 A7 1-05 IUJ A€C OJ(=™) no n TP H <1>...
Page 506 - On I., Theodora, on r. the Virgin, both standing facing and holding between them labarum with ]•". Theodora wears crown (with cross, spikes and double pendants), long jewelled robe, and oval apron ornamented with cross; her r. hand placed to her heart. The Virgin wears nimbus, tunic, mantle and veil ; her 1.
Page 334 - Bust of Christ facing, with cross behind head ; hair and beard flowing ; wears tunic and mantle ; r. hand in act of benediction ; 1. holds book of Gospels.
Page 326 - Cross potent, with base, on three steps ; on L, Heraclius ; on r. , Tiberius ; each is beardless, stands facing, wears long robes and crown with cross, and holds in r. globus cruciger ; beneath, CO NOB. Border of dots. — NCON TMVATI...
Page 453 - Christ, bearded, seated facing on throne with dais; wears tunic, mantle and nimbus cr.; r. hand in benediction '; in 1., book of the Gospels.
Page 557 - I, bearded, standing facing, crowned by the Virgin, who stands on r., facing ; above, MP (or W> or M) ;Jn field r., 6V (or -8V).
Page 486 - Cross crosslet, ornamented with X and u, on four steps. On L, bust of Basil II, bearded, facing, in robe with square patterns; on r., bust of Constantino VIII, beardless, facing, in mantle and robe. Each wears crown with cross. Three linear borders. +bASIL' CCUUhSTAn' nisroibAS
Page 514 - Christ, bearded .seated facing on throne with back and upright arms; wears plain nimbus cr., tunic and mantle; holds book of Gospels with '.•'. on cover.
Page 500 - Bust of Constantine IX, bearded, facing; wears crown with cross and jewelled robe; in r., labarum with*.*; in 1., globus cr. Border of dots.

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