Public Health Papers and Reports, Volume 4

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American Public Health Association., 1880 - Public health
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Vol. 33, pt. 2, vols. 34-36 are reprints from the American journal of public hygiene; vol. 37 from American journal of public health.

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Page 379 - Executive Committee There shall be an Executive Committee which shall consist of the President and the Secretary-Treasurer and six Vice Presidents to be selected by the Executive Council.
Page 365 - Congress, in that spirit of harmony and conciliation, which ought always to characterize the conduct of governments standing in the relation which that of the Union and those of the States bear to each other, has directed its officers to aid in the execution of these laws ; and has, in some measure, adapted its own legislation to this object, by making provisions in aid of those of the States.
Page 365 - They form a portion of that immense mass of legislation which embraces everything within the territory of a state not surrendered to the general government, all of which can be most advantageously exercised by the states themselves.
Page 365 - But they do not imply an acknowledgment that a State may rightfully regulate commerce with foreign nations, or among the States ; for they do not imply that such laws are an exercise of that power, or enacted with a view to it. On the...
Page 50 - Then if our knowledge were exact and our means of application adequate, we should see the human being in his perfect beauty, as Providence, perhaps, intended him to be : in the harmonious proportions and complete balance of all his parts in which he came out of his Maker's hands, in whose divine image we are told he was in the beginning made.
Page 48 - That some time shall be allowed out of study hours for those volunteer exercises which different men, according to their tastes, may elect for recreation, and particularly that the...
Page 48 - First,. the main object shall not be to secure feats of agility and strength, or even powerful muscle, but to keep in good health the whole body. Second, that all the students shall be required to attend on its exercises for half an hour, designated for the purpose, at least four days in the week. Third, the instructor shall assign to each individual such exercises as may be...
Page 334 - O wad some power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us!
Page 32 - ... been brought about, by astronomical or other natural causes, within the historic period. We cannot account for the changes that have occurred since these sunburnt and sterile plains, where these traces of man's first civilization are found, were clothed with a luxuriant vegetation, except by ascribing them to the improvident acts of man, in destroying the trees and plants which once clothed the surface, and sheltered it from the sun and the winds.
Page 340 - Any license so granted may be revoked upon written notice by the mayor, whenever it shall appear to his satisfaction that the party so licensed shall have violated any provision of any ordinance of the city...

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