Preliminary Economic Studies of the War, Volume 8

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Page 47 - They deem it their duty, however, to place on record their view that any such readjustment, while thoroughly preserving all existing powers of self-government and complete control of domestic affairs, should be based upon a full recognition of the Dominions as autonomous nations of an Imperial Commonwealth...
Page 47 - India to an adequate voice in foreign policy and in foreign relations, and should provide effective arrangements for continuous consultation in all important matters of common Imperial concern, and for such necessary concerted action, founded on consultation, as the several Governments may determine.
Page x - Government; and the resources of the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and the John Crerar Library in Chicago have been used to supplement each other.
Page 203 - Commission to inquire into the supply of wheat and flour in the United Kingdom, to purchase, sell and control the delivery of wheat and flour on behalf of His Majesty's Government, and generally to take such steps as may seem desirable for maintaining the supply.
Page 223 - ... the continuance of trade, industry, business, and communications, whether by means of insurance or indemnity against risk or otherwise, for the relief of distress, and generally for all expenses arising out of the existence of a state of war.
Page 153 - Kingdom, in respect of direct and substantial loss incurred and damage sustained by them by reason of interference with their property or business in the United Kingdom through the exercise by the Crown of its rights and duties in the defence of the Realm...
Page 156 - 21 Macmillan t British Red cross soc. Reports by the joint war committee and the joint war finance committee of the British Red cross society and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem...
Page 205 - It shall be the duty of the Food Controller to regulate the supply and consumption of food in such manner as he thinks best for maintaining a proper supply of food, and to take such steps as he thinks best for encouraging the production of food...
Page 7 - Whereas the raising or keeping a standing army within this kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with consent of Parliament, is against law ; and whereas it is judged necessary by their Majesties and this present Parliament that during this time of danger several of the forces...
Page 244 - To consider what steps should be taken to make provision for the education and Instruction of children and young persons after the war, regard being had particularly to the interests of those (1) who have been abnormally employed during the war ; (2) who can not immediately find advantageous employment; (3) who require special training for employment.

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