The British Chess Magazine, Volume 12

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Trubner & Company, 1892 - Chess
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Page 465 - I have there met with many a master in this art, and I have played with all of them, and, through the favour of Him who is Adorable and Most High, I have come off victorious. " Likewise, in playing without seeing the board, I have overcome most opponents, nor had they the power to cope with me. I, the humble sinner now addressing you, have frequently played with one opponent over the board, and at the same time I have carried on four different games with as many adversaries without seeing the board,...
Page 48 - No. 2) 70.00 6 Ditto, in handsome Spanish Mahogany case, fitted in trays with divisions, lined throughout with rich silk velvet...
Page 465 - ... the age of fifteen years among all the masters of chess living in my time, and since that period till now, when I have arrived at middle age, I have travelled through Irak Arab, and Irak Ajam, and Khurasan, and the regions of Mawara al Nahr (Transoxania), and I have there met with many a master in this art, and I have played with all of them, and through the favour of Him who is Adorable and Most High I have come off victorious. "Likewise in playing without seeing the board I have overcome most...
Page 56 - Or rather, since we meet " By chance assembled in this cool retreat, " In artful contest let our warlike train " Move well-directed o'er the colour'd plain ; " Daphnis, who taught us first, the play shall guide; " Explain its laws, and o'er the field preside: " No prize we need, our ardour to inflame; " We fight with pleasure, if we fight for fame.
Page 288 - IN STATU QUO CHESS. This invention supplies a want felt by all Chess players. The IN STATU QUO board is so contrived that the Game may at any time be discontinued, and the board folded and placed in its case without the men being disturbed.
Page 258 - ... lofty. His eyes were dark — neither prominent nor deeply set — but very luminous, and, better still, very pleasant in expression. Just above them rose those bumps which are supposed to betoken the possession of the calculating faculty. The lower part of the face, and particularly the firmly set jaw, indicated, if not obstinacy, considerable determination of character. His smile was delightful: it seemed to kindle up the brain-fuel that fed his eyes with light, and it made them shoot forth...
Page 290 - If it is now asked what is the utility and advantage of this new system over the ordinary way of scoring and distributing prizes in tournaments, I have to say, in conclusion, the following : — If the games won or lost in a tournament are not scored according to their quality, and a game won or lost against the strongest player counts the same as won or lost against the weakest player, the scoring is not correct and misleading.
Page 450 - re, what Scotch people call, " kittle cattle to shoe ! " And when once they have managed to take you in tow, It's a deuced hard matter to make them let go! Now to you, wicked Pagans ! — who wander about, Up and down Regent Street every night,
Page 188 - The proposed alterations in the rules were made ; and the officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows : — President, Mr. AM Moss ; VicePresident, Mr. GH Bryan, MA ; Hon.

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