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Now, I know this is not a review by any means... but I find it odd how on page 57 you claim to have received an email from Barry Brownlee regarding his Froton particle. I am his son, and he died February 23rd 1997. You said to have received an email from him in March 1997? That doesn't sound very possible to me, but perhaps you muddled up dates, which is excusable, though still unusual.
It's stranger still that there are spelling and grammar errors. He was a writer... he had been a writer most of his life. He never made amateur mistakes like that. I'm beginning to wonder if it was really him who sent the email to you. It's very, very fishy to read. I'm not implying any error at the fault of the author's, but I thought it was worth the mention.
Contact me on, if interested.

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