The American Indian Magazine, Volume 4

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Society of American Indians, 1916 - Indians of North America
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Page 130 - But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done : and there is no respect of persons.
Page 116 - It is only vulgar minds that mistake bigness for greatness, for greatness is of the Soul, not of the Body. In the judgment which history will hereafter pass upon the forty centuries of recorded progress toward civilization that now lie behind us, what are the tests it will apply to determine the true greatness of a people? Not population, not territory, not wealth, not military power. Rather will history ask : What examples of lofty character and unselfish devotion to honor and duty has a people...
Page 27 - Neither Greece, nor Germany, nor the French, nor the Scotch, can show a prouder record. And instead of searing it over with infamy and illustrated epithets, the future will recognize it as a glorious record of a race that never melted out and never died away, but stood up manfully, man by man, foot by foot, and fought it out for the land God gave him against the world, which seemed to be poured out over him.
Page 99 - If we have an Indian policy worthy of the name, its goal must be an enduring and sturdy race, true to the noblest of its original instincts and virtues and loyally sympathetic with our social and national life; a body of efficient citizens blending their unique poise and powers with the keen and sleepless vigor of the white man.
Page 24 - Well done good and faithful servant you have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many. Enter into the joy of your lord.
Page 100 - With this idea uppermost, all employees whose duties bring them in touch with Indian families must work in closest harmony for surrounding the expectant Indian mother with favorable health conditions before and after childbirth. The sanitation of the homes of such women should have special attention and no baby allowed to be born into an environment germinating disease, if prevention is available. The simplest rules of motherhood applied under intelligent and friendly direction would save most of...
Page 334 - The effect of the rapid withdrawal of American administrators, in anticipation of, and coincident with, this legislation, will be watched with unusual interest but not without misgiving. We believe that the policy of dispensing with the services of trained experts and scientists will have a fat-reaching and harmful effect upon the sanitary, social and economic life of the islands.
Page 154 - CONDITIONS ADVERSE TO GOOD ADMINISTRATION The legal status of the Indian and his property is the condition which makes it incumbent on the government to assume the obligation of protector. What is of special interest in this inquiry is to note the conditions under which the Indian Office has been required to conduct its business. In no other relation are the agents of the government under conditions more adverse to efficient administration. The influence which...
Page 355 - Fourth. To promote citizenship and to obtain the rights thereof. Fifth. To establish a legal department to investigate Indian problems and to suggest and to obtain remedies. Sixth. To exercise the right to oppose any movement that may be detrimental to the race. Seventh. To direct its energies exclusively to general principles and universal interests, and not allow itself to be used for any personal or private interest.
Page 154 - In no other relation are the agents of the Government under conditions more adverse to efficient administration. The influences which make for infidelity to trusteeship, for subversion of properties and funds, for violation of physical and moral welfare have been powerful. The opportunities and inducements to peculation are much greater than those which have operated with ruinous effect on other branches of public service and on the trustees and officers of our great private corporations. In many...

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