The Australian Law Times, Volume 9

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Charles F. Maxwell, 1888 - Law
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Page 30 - Where after the commencement of this Act personal injury is caused to a workman (1.) By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant connected with or used in the business of the employer...
Page 141 - ... such order shall direct such costs to be paid to the clerk of the peace of such court, to be by him paid over to the party entitled...
Page 29 - Lordships, or for any court, to consider whether that is a contract which bears upon the face of it some reason, some explanation, why it was made in that form, and why the stipulation is made that the shipment should be during these particular months. It is a mercantile contract, and merchants are not in the habit of placing upon their contracts stipulations to which -they do not attach some value and importance.
Page 184 - The proceedings upon any such arbitration as aforesaid shall, except otherwise directed hereby or by the submission or document authorising the reference, be conducted in like manner, and subject to the same rules and enactments, as to the power of the arbitrator and of the court, the attendance of witnesses, the production of documents, enforcing or setting aside the award, and otherwise, as upon a reference made by consent under a rule of court or judge's order.
Page 41 - ... deliver interrogatories in writing for the examination of the opposite parties, or any one or more of such parties, and such interrogatories when delivered shall have a note at the foot thereof stating which of such interrogatories each of such persons is required to answer: Provided that no party shall deliver more than one set of interrogatories to the same party without an order for that purpose...
Page 228 - The purchaser to be allowed days to investigate the title at his own expense, and if within that time he shall furnish the vendor in writing with any valid objection to the title which the vendor shall be unable or unwilling to remove, this agreement shall be null and void, and the deposit money returned to the purchaser without interest.
Page 111 - And in default of appointment and subject to any partial appointment in trust for the child if only one or all the children if more than one...
Page 45 - No doubt, one who commits a wrongful act is responsible for the ordinary consequences which are likely to result therefrom, but, generally speaking, he is not liable for damage which is not the natural or ordinary consequence of such...
Page 23 - Again, in other cases, the question has turned upon the inquiry, whether the facts stated to the defendant at the time, and which formed the ground of the prosecution, were believed by him or not ; in other cases the inquiry has been, whether, from the conduct of the defendant himself, the jury will infer that he was conscious he had no reasonable or probable cause. But, in these and many other cases which might be suggested, it is obvious, that the knowledge...
Page 15 - Act for the more easy recovery of Small Debts and Demands in England, and to abolish certain inferior courts of record.

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