Paston letters 1422-1509, Volume 4

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James Gairdner
Constable, 1901
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Page clxxviii - Edward ; and then he held up his hands, and thanked God thereof. And he said he never knew him till that time ; nor wist not what was said to him, nor wist not where he had been, whilst he hath been sick till now ; and he asked who were godfathers, and the queen told him, and he was well apaid (content).
Page clvii - ... is so high and so mighty in its nature, that it may make law ; and that that is law, it may make no law; and the determination and knowledge of that privilege belongeth to the .Lords of the parliament and not to the justices.
Page cclx - I pray you visit the Rood of Northdoor and St. Saviour at Bermondsey, among while ye abide in London, and let my sister Margery go with you to pray to them that she may have a good husband ere she come home again ; and now I pray you send me some tidings as ye were wont to command me.
Page 15 - Edited by Prof. EDWARD ARBER, FSA Fellow of King's College, London ; Late English Examiner at the London University; and also at the Victoria University Manchester; Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature, Mason College, Birmingham.
Page 20 - BOSWELL'S LIFE OF JOHNSON " Boswell's Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D. With Notes by SCOTT, CROKER, CHAMBERS, and others.
Page xxxv - Clement yede (ie, went) at one plough both winter and summer, and he rode to mill on the bare horseback with his corn under him, and brought home meal again under him, and also drove his cart with divers corns to Wynterton to sell, as a good husband [man] ought to do.
Page 11 - Democracy,' which is interesting, not only by reason of the general situation or predicament in which we are all more or less conscious of being steeped, but also as a result of the author's singular mastery of his subject.
Page 4 - It is with a feeling of regret that we put down this pleasant book, and take leave of so charming and interesting a people as that which inhabits the land of the Yellow Robe. The book is fully illustrated by Mr. EA Norbury and from photographs, which add greatly to its interest. It is a book to be read both for entertainment and instruction.
Page cccx - ... said for certain that the Duke of Clarence maketh him big in that he can, showing as he would but deal with the Duke of Gloucester; but the king intendeth, in eschewing all...
Page i - There are letters from all my acquaintance, Lord Rivers, Lord Hastings, the Earl of Warwick, whom I remember still better than Mrs. Strawbridge, though she died within these fifty years. What antiquary would be answering a letter from a living countess, when he may read one from Eleanor Mowbray, Duchess of Norfolk.

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