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In which a Gordon Gekko-ish sinner is hauled from the slough of despondency by a very helpful Buddy Christ.Tony Spencer isn't a bad, bad, bad man, but he's not a good one, either. He loves women, whiskey and money, not necessarily in that order, and though once in reasonably good standing with the man upstairs, he has drifted into the limbo of not particularly caring one way or the other; in his ... Read full review

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Wm. Paul Young made a name for himself in the publishing world after his selfpublished inaugural novel, THE SHACK, sold a million copies by wordofmouth and went on to sell nearly 18 million copies since it was picked up by the FaithWords imprint of Hachette Book Group. Not surprisingly, CROSS ROADS is expected to build on the strength and popularity of THE SHACK, and with good reason. Or, maybe ... Read full review

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Make sure you read right to the end. This book reconnects your personal relationship with God- thank you Wm Paul Young

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Reviewed by Brenda Ballard for Readers' Favorite
Anthony Spencer is a self-centered, egotistic man who only sees what can benefit him and nothing else. When a health condition causes him to fall
and strike his head, he ends up in a coma where he finds himself rubbing elbows with Jesus. The journey shows him the error of his ways, the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and, most importantly, the option to choose between himself and another. He finds himself in the mind of a Down Syndrome teenager who had been playing hide and seek in the hospital, winding up in Tony's room (and then something happens but that would be a spoiler).
The story line is so well thought out that you cannot help but wonder if the author didn't have -- or know somebody that had-- this experience. The book is like a slowly forming epiphany for the reader. When the main character gets his "aha" moment, it is likely that the reader does also. I listened to the audio book version and loved the actor's voices and their take on their personalities. I especially loved that the author has two characters with special meaning, one being the down syndrome boy ("Cabby"). There are a couple of scenes that are downright hilarious despite the somber tone of the book. I found myself laughing out loud in traffic...and then I went back to the beginning of that chapter and listened again; it was that hilarious! There are tear-jerker moments, too; so be sure to have those tissues within arm's reach.

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