The Scarlet Letter

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As this book is quite dry throughout, the story line is very inoxicating. I found it hard to read, but there were certain parts of the story that really caught my attention and interest. In The Scarlet Letter, we learn about the deception that Hester Prynn has inflicted upon her town when she is put to shame upon a scaffold for everyone to see. In her arms lies a baby girl that she concieved through the result of adultery. After years of waiting for her husband to follow along with her to Boston, he finally arrives at this scene and pursues vengeance on the father of his wife's child. He begins to suspect the respected Reverend Dimmsdale as the culprit and puts him through many rough years living with him, and acting as though he is a friend. Throughout the novel, I found myself uncertain of the outcome and was surprised at how everything ended up unfolding. The ending was a lot more interesting than the rest of the book to me. 

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This book was dry, far from interesting, and extremely hard to read. The plot had so much potential but it was ruined by unecassary details and a boring story line. The subject of adultry has a great potential to be interesting, but I feel that Hawthorne failed miserably. I had to force myself through each boring page. Hawthorne did use the characters well to represent certain things such as evil, purity, innocence, and self-worth. However, many of the good characteristics will be overlooked due to the torture one is put through reading each page filled with dry writing. The ending was the only part that I viewed as decent, not only because it was over, but the ending is where Dimsdale confesses to his sin and it is the only fast-paced part of the book. I would not reccomend this book to anyone looking for anything interesting. This classic had a potential that it failed to meet. 

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