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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1926 - Lumber - 95 pages

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Page 8 - Factory flooring, heavy roofing, decking, and sheet piling [The thicknesses apply to all widths and the widths to all thicknesses...
Page 33 - A through shake is one extending from one surface through the piece to the opposite surface or to an adjoining surface.
Page 34 - Bow is a deviation flatwise from a straight line drawn from end to end of a piece and is measured at the point of greatest distance from the straight line.
Page 23 - Upon receipt of complaint from the purchaser the seller shall immediately request the association under whose rules shipment has been made to provide official reinspection or remeasurement, as the case may be, according to its inspection rules in effect at the time of execution of contract; and the purchaser shall lend all reasonable assistance to facilitate the reinspection or remeasurement.
Page 31 - A knot cluster is two or more knots grouped together as a unit with the fibers of the wood deflected around the entire unit. A group of single knots is not a knot cluster. Branch knots are two or more knots branching from a common center.
Page 4 - The grading of lumber cannot be considered an exact science, because it is based on a visual inspection of each piece and on the judgment of the grader. The provisions of these specifications, however, are sufficiently explicit to establish 5 per cent below grade as a reasonable variation between graders.
Page 29 - Imperfect manufacture. Includes all defects or blemishes which are produced in manufacturing, such as chipped grain, loosened grain, raised grain, torn grain, skips in dressing, hit and miss, variation in sawing, miscut lumber, machine burn, machine gouge, mismatching, and insufficient tongue or groove.
Page 2 - Lumber which has been run through a matching machine, sticker, or molder. Worked lumber may be (1) matched, (2) shiplapped, or (3) patterned.
Page 81 - ... beams and stringers in which the narrow faces are horizontal faces and the wide faces are vertical, and this should be noted in applying the knot provisions of the beam and stringer grade to such material.
Page 68 - FOB VESSEL (named port of shipment? Under this term, the seller quotes a price covering all expenses up to, and including, delivery of the goods upon the overseas vessel provided by, or for, the buyer at the named port of shipment.

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