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Lee. I saw your recent interview regarding our student loan debacle. I applied for a disability discharge for lung cancer with a prognosis of 6 to 12 months to live. and it was granted. However, I then found out the amount discharged is now due as a FEDERAL TAX! I got the discharge because the only one benefiting from my loan was the service company (ACS) who was receiving regular interest. I am 77 and have not been able to pay on the loan for the past 10 years as I only receive social security benefits. Had I not applied for the disability discharge I would not have had the federal tax liability but the interest would be continuing to rise. I didn't think that was fair.
I don't understand how our government can make tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid loans to hundreds of foreign countries - then when they can't pay, our generous government simply "forgives' the loan and writes it off. Yet as an American citizen I cannot get the same assistance as those foreign countries. I agree that students should develop a boycott and not pay their student loans and ask for the same consideration given to those foreign countries whose loans are forgiven. Count me in! How can I sign up for the boycott? Thank you. Joseph Paul Langton.

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