A Century of Select Psalms, and Portions of the Psalms of David, Especially Those of Praise: Turned Into Meter, and Fitted to the Usual Tunes in Parish Churches. For the Use of the Charter-house, London

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J.M., 1679 - Bible - 189 pages

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Page 182 - And ransom'd us to God, From ev'ry nation, ev'ry coast, By thy most precious blood. 4 Blessing and honour, glory, pow'r, By all in earth and heav'n, To him that sits upon the throne And to the Lamb be giv'n.
Page 148 - None could be cleared, and justified. 3 But thou forgiveness dost proclaim, That men may turn, and fear thy name ; To thy rich grace, O Lord ! we fly, And on thy promises rely. 4 Ye contrite hearts who guilt deplore ! Come seek his face, and sin no more ; Then shall we know that God is kind, And full redemption with him find.
Page 116 - O let the works that he hath done Your admiration move ; Think on the judgments of his mouth, And wonders of his love.
Page 175 - Heaven raife, Where he his Glory fhows. 2 Let all his Mighty Afts of Pow'r Your inward Paffions move •, That your Acknowledgments may fuit The Greatnefs of his Love. 3 Muficks foft notes, aod louder founds 4 Of Inftruments imploy 5 T' excite Devotion, and attend The triumphs of your joy.
Page 47 - Glories fhine ! 3 This makes my forrows to increafe, ' And tears become my food \ To hear my Foes reproach my Faith, And fay, where's now thy God ? 4. Paft joys renew my Grief, to think How to thine Houfe we came In Troops to Fcait , and praifes fang In confort to thy name.
Page 58 - Lord do not caft me from thy fight, As one whom thou no more canft love *, Nor let thy Spirit, whofe grace I need, Tho' griev'd too much, from me remove.
Page 179 - For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; And holy is his name. His mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation.
Page 23 - My Parents Love is not fo great As thine, nor care fo large •, When they forfake me, I become Still more thy care and charge.
Page 157 - God from his high and glorious throne The lowly views and owns, But scorns the proud, and on their height With indignation frowns.
Page 3 - Lord ! what is man, that he fhould have In thy kind thoughts a place ? Why doft thou thus advance and blefs His miferable Race ? 5 Tho...

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