The memoirs of Joseph Fouché [compiled by A. de Beauchamp from the notes of P.L.P. de Jullian]. Transl, Volume 1

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Page 259 - All the French princes concurred with this noble declaration. I have expatiated on this fact, because it serves to explain what I have to say on the subject of the conspiracy of Georges and Moreau, and of the murder of the Duke d'Enghien. The ill success of the overture to the princes havingretarded the development of Bonaparte's plan, the rest of the year, 1803, passed in expectation.
Page 301 - The delirium caused by the wonderful results of the Prussian campaign completed the intoxication of France. She prided herself upon having been saluted with the name of the great nation by her emperor, who had triumphed over the genius and the work of Frederic ; and Napoleon believed himself the son of Destiny, called to break every sceptre.
Page 251 - ... conceive a transitory regime more conformable with the real wants of its inhabitants. Never besides did Bonaparte less abuse his vast preponderance ; and Switzerland is, without contradiction, of all states near or distant, over which he has exerted his influence, that which he has spared the most during the fifteen years of his ascendency and glory. In order to pay a proper tribute to truth, I will add, that the act of mediation in Switzerland was impregnated, as much as possible, with the conciliatory...
Page 209 - ... these means the Empire of the East. The war between England and France having, from that time, no object worthy the trouble of prolonging the struggle, and each of the two countries being so consolidated in its government that neither of the two could alone effect any alteration in the situation of the other, preliminaries of peace were signed at London, on the 1st of October, between M. Otto and Lord ;Hawkesbury. The news was received with extraordinary demonstrations of joy by both nations....
Page 263 - But a coup d'etat appeared indispensable to impress Europe with terror, and eradicate all the germs of conspiracy against his person. Indignation, which I had foreseen, broke out in the most sanguinary manner. I was not the person who hesitated to express himself with the least restraint respecting this violence against the rights of nations and humanity.
Page 259 - ... he moulded as he pleased. The minister Haugwitz employed M. de Meyer, president of the regency of Warsaw, who offered to Louis XVIII. indemnities in Italy, and a magnificent establishment. But nobly inspired, the king made this well-known admirable reply. " I know not what may be the designs of God respecting my family and myself ; but I know the obligations which He has imposed upon me by the rank to which He has pleased to call me. As a Christian, I will fulfil these obligations to my last...
Page 227 - ... satisfy the impatient ambition of the first consul ; he only saw in this act of prorogation a first step in order to assist him in more rapidly ascending the summit of power. Determined on carrying it with the same ardour as on the field of battle, two days after, that is to say on the loth of May, he urged the two other consuls, whom the constitution invested with no authority, to institute a decree purporting that the French people should be consulted on this question : — " Shall Napoleon...
Page 274 - By that means I held in my hands the most important strings of foreign politics, and I discharged, in conjunction with the chief of the government, a task capable of controlling or balancing that of the minister charged with the function of foreign relations.
Page 273 - I had them of both sexes, hired at the rate of a thousand or two thousand francs per month, according to their importance and their services. I received their reports directly in writing, having a conventional mark. Every three months I communicated my list to the Emperor, in order that there might be no double employment, and also in order that the nature of the service, occasionally permanent, often temporary, might be rewarded either by places or remunerations.
Page 276 - Prince de !€****. were to be provided with proper means, it became necessary to organize the gambling-houses upon a much larger scale, for the produce of them was not solely destined to reward my moving phalanxes of spies. I nominated as superintendent-general of the gambling-houses in France, Perrein the elder, who already farmed them, and who, after the coronation, extended his privilege over all the chief towns of the empire, upon condition of paying fourteen millions yearly, independent of...

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