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The book is riddled with a curious omission -- the desperate plans to enlist blacks was for one reason -- massive desertions by white soldiers. Jeff Davis himself spoke of it bluntly in Sept of 1864, admitting 2/3 of his soldiers had deserted or gone awol. In fact, he was effectively on a speaking tour to shame their families to send them back. If just half of the deserters returned, Davis promised, we can not lose. But they did not return, in fact, desertions grew more extreme, until literally there were often just imaginary forces, on paper only.
It was THEN that Southern leaders grew so desperate as to enlist blacks -- AS SLAVES. Not as free men. In fact, the act as passed says that -- the slaves "enlisted" were still slaves. It's true, Lee wanted an inducement of their freedom, but not because he was a nice guy, but because he wanted eager troops.
By the way, the black himself did not enlist -- his OWNER sent him, his OWNER was paid. IF you think they paid the slave anything, you don't know how it worked. Owners were to be notified of how many slaves they had to send. It wasn't like they had white men going around asking slaves ANYTHING.

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