Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit. Editio Princeps. 1579. Euphues and His England. Editio Princeps. 1580

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A. Constable and Company, 1900 - 479 pages

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Page 492 - London, 1637. (2) An Order of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the regulating of Printing, &c. London, 14 June, 1643. (3) AREOPAGITICA ; A speech of Mr.
Page 502 - Series will be gathered from the following pages : — 21-26. sd 1. WILLIAM CAXTON. Reynard the Fox. 1 6 2. JOHN KNOX. The First Blast of the Trumpet 16 3. CLEMENT ROBINSON and others. A handful of Pleasant Delights . 1 6 4. [SIMON FISH.] A Supplication for the Beggars 16 5. [Rev. JOHN UDALL.] Diotrephes. . 1 6 6. [ ? ] The Return from Parnassus . 1 6 7. THOMAS DECKER. The Seven Deadly Sins of London 16 8. EDWARD ARBER. An Introductory Sketch to the "Martin Marprelate" Controversy, 1588-1590 . 3...
Page 16 - Above th' ill fortune of them, or the need. I, therefore will begin. Soule of the Age! The applause! delight! the wonder of our Stage! My Shakespeare, rise; I will not lodge thee by Chaucer, or Spenser, or bid Beaumont lye A little further, to make thee a roome: Thou art a Moniment, without a tombe, And art alive still, while thy Booke doth live, And we have wits to read, and praise to give.
Page 497 - The essence of the story is as old as it professes to be ; but contains later additions, the orthography, being of about 1410. It is very devoutly written, and contains a curious Vision of Purgatory. • The writer is a prototype of...
Page 499 - Powis ; and these Poems were chiefly marks of affection during a pure courtship followed by a happy marriage. With these, are also Songs of Friendship, especially those referring to the Hon. GEORGE TALBOT. In addition to these Poems, there are four prose Characters; on A Mistress, A Wife, A Friend, and The Holy Man. 23. ROGER ASCHAM, The Schoolmaster. 1570. The Scholemaster, or plane and perfite way of teachyng children to understand, write, and speake, in Latin tong...
Page 481 - Victoria University, Manchester ; Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature, Mason College, Birmingham, An English Garner English Reprints The War Library The English Scholar's Library The first Three English Books on America The first English New Testament, 1526 The Paston Letters, 1422-1509. Edited by JAMES GAIRDNER. 3 Vols. A List of 837 London Publishers, 1553-1640 All the Works in this Catalogue are published at net prices ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE AND CO.
Page 50 - They used not only one board but one bed, one book (if so be it they thought not one too many). Their friendship augmented every day, insomuch that the one could not refrain the company of the other one minute; all things went in common between them, which all men accompted commendable.
Page 489 - June 1601 to 7 June 1602. 2. The Retaking of The Friends' Adventure from the French by R. LYDE and a boy. 1693. English Voyages, Travels, Commerce, etc. etc. 3. H. PITMAN. Relation, etc. For doing noble Red Cross work at the Battle of Sedgemoor ; this Surgeon was sent as a White Slave to Barbadoes, etc. 1689. English Life and Progress. 4. W. KEMP'S [SHAKESPEARE'S fellow Actor] Nine Days Wonder ; performed in a Morris Dance from London to Norwich.
Page 499 - GREY'S delight in reading PLA TO, an attack on the Italianated Englishman of the time, and much other information not specified in the above title. In it, ASCHAM gives us very fully his plan of studying Languages, which may be described as the double translation of a model book. 24. HENRY HOWARD, Earl of SURREY. Sir THOMAS WYATT. NICHOLAS GRIMALD. Lord VAUX.
Page 499 - Earle ^/SURREY, and other. With 39 additional Poems from the second edition by the same printer, RICHARD TOTTEL, of 31 July, 1557. This celebrated Collection is the First of our Poetical Miscellanies, and. also the first appearance in print of any considerable number of English Sonnets. TOTTEL in his Address to the Reader, says I — "That to haue wel written in verse.

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